instagram favourites

It’s no secret that I am a complete Instagram addict. If I had to delete all my social media but one, Instagram is definitely the one I’d hold on to! I love it for many things, but one of its main benefits is how easy it is to find quality makeup inspiration. so on that note, here are five of my favourite beauty focused Instagram accounts! Just as a warning, the last one I’m recommending is a special effects makeup account so here’s ya trigger warning for gore!

1. Sugarpill


This one won’t be new to most people who have any interest in makeup at all, obviously, but I definitely think it’s worth mentioning. They post a lot of amazing makeup looks from their fans, and I think the ratio of promo posts to makeup looks is perfect. Most brand pages will post a bit too much about this or that new product (fair enough, I suppose, but I prefer when it seems a bit more human), but Sugarpill has found the perfect balance. Also Shrinkle is adorable and I want to be her when I grow up (and I suspect I’m not the only one).

2. Adore Dolls Parlour


This is a Gold Coast based nail salon with nails that are the absolute BOMB. I die at every single thing they do (and yes, I realise that my bias towards pink is coming out in this collage). I was honestly considering going up to the Gold Coast when I go back to Australia just to get my nails done by them, but then lo and behold! I noticed that they are now doing a pop up shop in Melbourne twice monthly! I’m gonna have to email them ASAP to book my slot, and start researching what exactly I want my nails to look like.

3. Manny Gutierrez


I love it when guys wear makeup! I think gender roles in general are so tragic, so I am definitely here for anyone who’s doing their part to break them down. Especially when they look so good doing it! Manny’s pretty hilarious and he also has a Youtube channel so if you prefer people in motion you can get yours.

4. Mindy Hardy Nails


This is another nail art account that I love. I feel like 3D nails might be on the way out which makes me so sad because I absolutely love them. As far as I know there’s unfortunately no one in London who can actually do this, which seems really weird to me! So I just scroll through IG accounts like this and cry about how my nails might never look as good.

And so, for the last one, again it looks pretty gross but it’s all makeup! I’ll put it behind a read more so all you sensitive souls out there don’t have to worry. Continue reading “instagram favourites”


disneyland look

One of the most important things to vain people is how you look when doing fun things. It might seem strange to someone who doesn’t feel the same way, but when I’m doing something enjoyable, I just enjoy it so much more if I know I look amazing. Getting ready before going out is such a great experience as well, and I know I’ve definitely been to parties where I enjoyed my time in the mirror before way more than the actual event! (Not so this time, of course)


Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Chanel translucent pressed powder, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Sweet Cream, Too Faced Candlelight Glow highlight

Eyebrows: Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow, Urban Decay Naked Palette (Tease)

Eyes: Illamasqua cream pigment in Bedaub, Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette (Bouquet Toss), Sugarpill eyeshadow in Mochi, Urban Decay Naked Palette (Blackout), Gorgeous Cosmetics loose shimmer shadow in Aqua, Kardashian Kollektion lashes in Scintillate

Lips: Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in Whimsy

This was the first day’s look. Personally, I enjoyed this look more than the second day, partly because I was wearing my new super cute cardi, and partly because I prefer my hair down. Apparently I looked a lot more princess-y the second day, though, because I got heaps more compliments on that one!


I got these in a Japanese beauty store and I was pretty surprised that they fit my giant-sized white devil hands! Three out of two fingers were pretty perfect, and the two remaining ones were definitely passable. They were just so adorable I couldn’t resist them even when I didn’t know if I was going to be able to wear them or not!


Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Chanel translucent pressed powder, Smashbox blusher in Flush, Too Faced Candlelight Glow highlight

Eyebrows: Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow, Urban Decay Naked Palette (Tease)

Eyes: Gorgeous Cosmetics Dusk Rose and Mocha, Kardashian Kollektion lashes in Flirt stacked with half lashes from Daiso

Lips: Illamasqua medium pencil in Titivate, Illamasqua lipstick in Posture

This was my look for the second day and I was pretty pleased with it! I had several people tell me I looked just like a Disney princess, which is all I ever wanted out of life. Heaps of them also asked to take pictures with me so I definitely got a taste of what Cinderella’s life must be like… fabulous!

gorgeous sale take two

A few months back, Gorgeous Cosmetics had a sale where if you bought makeup for $50, you got another $100 for free. Pretty sweet, I thought! I wasn’t gonna buy any more makeup at the time because I definitely had enough, but how could I resist? I thought it was a one time deal.

Imagine my delight and surprise when I found out that they had the same sale on today! I DEFINITELY don’t need any more makeup this time around. But… How can I resist!?


The lipstick is a perfect shade of red wine for those days when I feel extra femme fatale, and the red glitter on the left has almost been mine before (since the Captain owns it and we shared all our makeup I’ve owned it in spirit), so I know it’s absolutely amazing for a red glitter lip. All the other stuff is new to me, so I’m excited to play around with it!

makeup roll call

I am just not doing anything interesting in terms of makeup lately because I feel like I don’t have the time or inclination now that I’m travelling. It’s so much easier to just keep it simple and stick to the basics – not least of all because then I don’t have to cart all my makeup around everywhere!

One thing I am doing, though, as part of my ongoing challenge to use absolutely all of my makeup, I decided to make a list of the makeup I own. I’m crossing everything off as I use it, and hopefully at the end I’ll have used it all, or be left with a list of products I might as well just get rid of. I love having a lot of makeup, but nothing makes me feel more cluttered than having stuff I have no use for!


In my defense, only about half of this is mine. But still, half of a shitload is still quite a lot.

cut crease

Last Sunday, I went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday! We went to Love Machine which was billed to me as somewhat gay, but it was disappointingly not very gay. I did see my hairdresser there, though, so a bit, I suppose.

Obviously, my first priority when it comes to parties is what makeup I will wear.


Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set translucent powder, Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow, NARS blush Orgasm

Eyes: Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner in Noir Intense, Urban Decay eyeshadow in Blackout, Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadow in Dusk Rose, Illamasqua liquid metal in Surge, Violet Voss glitter in Goldie, Sugarpill Baby Dewdrops lashes

Lips: Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in Whimsy

This was the first time I used any of the glitters that I ordered from Violet Voss a few weeks back! I was a bit surprised at the colour, because in the pot it’s a lot whiter, with just some gold sparkle to it, but that’s probably because I used a gold base as an adhesive. I’ll try a white base next time, and that should bring out the colour a bit better. I’m really pleased with the feel of the glitter though! It adheres so easily to anything, and is very finely milled. I have a few Kryolan glitters that are a lot more chunky – sometimes that’s exactly what you want, but this is a lot easier to work with! I’ve been using the pink ones I ordered over lipsticks to get glitter lips. It looks awesome, and weirdly a lot more subtle than it sounds. On the downside, you do end up swallowing a lot of glitter. They’re surprisingly tasty, though!

Oh yeah, and I dyed my hair blue. By some strange twist of fate, I actually like it even better than the pink, even though pink is by far a colour I like a lot more than blue. I think it might be because it provides a nice contrast to all the pink makeup I like to wear, rather than all of me being the same colour!

melt cosmetics

So I ordered a lipstick from Melt Cosmetics and first of all, may I just say that I am LIVING for their fast shipping! I ordered my package on a Friday night, and got it Wednesday afternoon the week after – being in Australia, that pretty much only ever happens with companies who have secretly invented teleportation. I always expect to be waiting for US packages for at least a week or two.

I love the look of black lipsticks, but I sometimes have to be a bit careful because I’m white like Casper the friendly ghost, my hair is the same colour as my skin… to have a huge black or blob in the middle of my face is sometimes a bit jarring. So as a compromise, I got Space Cake, which is a medium dark grey.


Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set translucent powder, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Caramel Whip, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Sweet Cream

Eyes: Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner in Noir Intense, Urban Decay eyeshadow in Blackout, Gorgeous Cosmetics purple eyeshadow, Mac Zoomlash mascara, Illamasqua flash lashes in Bat

Lips: White kohl pencil used as lip liner, Melt Cosmetics lipstick in Space Cake

I absolutely love this lipstick. It is so long-lasting and stays on all day – you could probably eat pure grease for two hours straight and by the end of the meal your lipstick would still be perfect. Despite that the formula is pretty smooth and not dry when you apply it – some lipsticks are, and while that tends to mean they’ll last longer, it also means they’re a bit more difficult to apply and don’t feel very nice on your lips. This one hits just the right balance!

mint condition

I’ve had this lipstick from Lime Crime for a while now, and not been sure which look would suit its debut – it’s so high impact! I got it from the Captain for Christmas last year after expertly hinting for weeks beforehand. I’ve used it very casually before but I wanted a high-impact look for it as well. The answer came like a gift from above with my Sugarpill parcel!


Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set translucent powder, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Caramel Whip

Eyebrows: Mac gel liner in Dipdown

Eyes: Illamasqua cream pigment in Bedaub, Sugarpill eyeshadow in Mochi

Lips: White kohl pencil used as lip liner, Lime Crime lipstick in Mint to Be, Ben Nye lumiere cream colour in cosmic blue

I was inspired by a similar look I saw on Instagram the other day, in a different colour. It always feels a bit off-centre not to wear mascara, but I think for this look it really works.

I did have a minor issue; when I put on the lipstick I realised that Lime Crime and Sugarpill have very different ideas of what counts as mint! The lipstick is a lot more green than the eyeshadow, which is a pretty dark blue mint. I had to mix the lipstick with some blue base, and managed to get the colours matching perfectly. I probably wouldn’t wear this look again, but it was fun one to try!

don’t need no chucky

One of my friends told me yesterday that I am really creepy sometimes. Rude! Or not really. She meant it as a compliment, and I definitely took it as one! I do have some affectations that are mainly meant to unsettle people – partly because so many people have told me that I have a very innocent face, and I love to contrast that with something a bit more sinister. I’m not quite sure what it’s called, but the aesthetic that most appeals to me is one with a lot of pastels, bows and glitter, but also bones, crosses, demonic influences all mixed together – I guess you’d call it creepy cute. I tried to incorporate it a bit more into my life today by doing a look inspired by porcelain dolls.


Products used:

Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set translucent powder, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Sweet Cream

Eyebrows: Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow

Eyes: Makeup Store eyeshadow in White, Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadows, Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner in Noir Intense, White eyeliner from H&M, Mac Zoom Eyes mascara, Eyelure Naturalites lashes (Choppy style), Naturelle black contacts

Lips: MAC lip pencil in Dervish, Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in Whimsy, Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in Plum

This is the first time I’ve ever worn bottom lashes! I tried to use these once before, but I wasn’t in the mood to fiddle with them so I gave up very quickly. I think it’s a pretty cool look, but I wouldn’t want to do it every day – partly because it wouldn’t always suit what I’m going for, but mostly because I don’t need yet another thing to add to my “essentials” list!

I do think it looks really cool when people use white eyeliner underneath the eye, and add lashes further down to really open up the eye. That’s something I’d love to try next time, and might be something I’m more keen to incorporate into my repertoire.


Since that’s a pretty cute face, I decided to creep it up a bit with my clothing! I got the top from a few days ago, and the skirt is really old, from Miss Selfridge. I wasn’t even going to buy the top – the Captain suggested it to me when I was ordering leggings and skirts, and I kind of chucked it in as an afterthought. Best decision I’ve made in a long time! The skirt is my circus tent skirt, and I love it so much. The black and white stripy circus look appeals to me hardcore, which I guess is even more fitting now that I actually do circus tricks!


I’ve been very curious about Sugarpill Cosmetics for a good while now – everyone on Instagram loves them and their products all seem very high quality. I’ve just never ordered anything because I had deluded myself into thinking I don’t like shopping online (LIES-a Minelli! I just don’t like waiting for my order to arrive). About two weeks ago, however, the Captain and I decided to put in a joint order. The benefit of living with another person who’s as obsessed with makeup as you are, is that if you order a lot, the shipping is exponentially cheaper. And Sugarpill has free international shipping over $100! Somewhat prohibitive if it’s just for one person, piece of cake if there’s two of you.


As you can see, I went on a bit of an eyelash spree! I think they’re so unique, I’ve never seen anything similar in a store. Maybe at Shu Uemura, but those are 42 cold hard Australian Dollars, and the sugar pill ones are like… nine. Easy choice! I’m really keen on trying all of these out, they’re so gorgeous. I especially love the second ones from the left; they look like a crown, and I’m pretty sure I’ll feel like a princess when wearing them!


I also got some eyeshadows! I love mint, and I have a lipstick which I’m pretty sure will match this eyeshadow perfectly. The eggplant one is pretty much the darkest I’ll go nowadays with a non-neutral colour – I used to use super dark eyeshadows all the time, but now I prefer brighter colours, and if I want it darker I’ll put some black in the crease, basically. Which is fine, obviously, but it also means that I have loads of dark eyeshadows I’ll probably never use again! Hashtag first world problems.

freckles galore

As I am wont to do on my days off, today I tried a new and exciting idea for what I put on my face.


Products used:

Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set translucent powder, Ben Nye Final Seal, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Caramel Whip, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Sweet Cream, Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow

Eyebrows: Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow, Cosmetics cheek creme in Caramel Whip

Eyes: half lashes from Daiso, Too Faced Romantic Eye palette (Bouquet toss, I do, Un-Veil and Soulmates), Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner in Noir Intense, Mac Zoom Eyes mascara

Lips: Smashbox lip gloss in Luster

Freckles: I know you can get similar gems from many different makeup brands (Makeup Store being the first to come to mind), but mine are just from a craft store ages ago, and I applied them with Duo eyelash glue

I wasn’t sure what to do today, but I don’t like to waste a face like this, so I went for a stroll and a coffee. Loads of people came up to compliment me and ask if my hair is real, which is always a good metric of success. Another metric of success would be the fact that Illamasqua featured me on their Instagram again! I swear I peed a little when I saw it.

I’m really happy with this look! It actually came out even better than I had dared hope for. I want to try it with glitter, as well; I wasn’t sure which one to do first, but I think glitter might give more of a subtle, “natural” look to it. This one’s very like “I’ve drawn freckles on my face to pretend I’m  from the country” whereas I’m hoping that if I do it with one glitter in particular that I’m eagerly waiting to receive, it might trick people into thinking I’ve actually got freckles until the light catches on it and they realise it was all a lie (I love breaking dreams, you see).

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use spirit gum or eyelash glue to apply the gems, but I opted for eyelash glue this time because it was closer at hand, and I know from experience that it works well for small bits like this. If I was going out at night or needed it to look good for hours on end, I probably would prefer to use spirit gum, though.