rainbow explosion

I finally got my cushions! They had said they would be delivered between the 12th to the 21st which obviously to me meant I’d definitely have them by the twelfth, so I was crying 24/7 for the past two days because they hadn’t come yet. But considering they were shipped from China they didn’t do too bad after all!


Aren’t they the cutest thing you’ve seen in your life!? They change colours fairly slowly (they were described in the posting as “flashing” which I am pleased to say is not quite true) and they’re just the most adorable little cushions I’ve ever seen! I’m normally not a cushion person but I just couldn’t resist these.


fraudulent home decorating

Today I’ve spent all morning on the phone with my bank’s fraud prevention team because apparently, when they ask for your address details at the checkout in any online transaction, that is actually a security measure rather than something annoying that you have to input because they hate you and are judging you for what you’re trying to do with your own money.

Lesson learnt, I suppose. This is the second time in a short amount of time that I’ve had my card blocked because they just aren’t sure if I’m being serious or not, so maybe I should have a look at what I’m spending my money on. I just moved into a new flat, so I’ve been buying heaps of home decoration stuff! I’ll post some pics once I get all my stuff off the floor, but I think the jewel in my crown is the light up star cushions I got that should be arriving any day now! As far as I know I’ll be staying in this flat for the next year or so, so I definitely want it to be a home rather than just a place where I’m staying.

living space

Since I got to Melbourne I have been looking for somewhere for me and the Captain to live. Looking for flats both here and in the UK is such a weird experience for me – the Swedish way of doing it is so much more organised and you’d always go to a large agency – renting from an actual person is very rarely done. It’s not unusual to sign a contract for a flat three months in the future!

When I first got to London, I was terrified at the thought of going to someone’s house without any idea of who they were or if they were even entitled to rent out this property? If I remember correctly, I told everyone where I was going and that if I hadn’t called within an hour after, I was probably dead somewhere! Clearly it was fine in the end, but it was like a baptism of fire that first time.

This time, it was perfectly fine, and we’ve found a beautiful place only five minutes walk from the train station, just a few stops from the city centre! It’s actually a lot better than I dared hope for. I know that finding a place to live usually means compromising on everything you ever found important, but this time I managed to find something that fulfilled all the big ones at least!

What’s next is just looking at interior decorating porn and finding more storage (there’s only one wardrobe and I’m sure that even if I was living alone I’d need more storage space than that, let alone two of us). Browsing the IKEA website will never feel like a chore to me, though, so I am pretty pleased with how my life is turning out!

I don’t even have OCD anymore

I really like to keep my room tidy, but I am so bad at it! I sometimes feel like it’s too overwhelming, but I think the main reason is that I never have enough storage space. I like to keep everything very very organised, and if I can’t do that I kind of feel like there’s no point to it. So that’s one of my decorating goals for next time; find a space for absolutely everything, even the stupid stuff that I normally put in a drawer of “things that have no particular place”. If I need it, it needs a place, and if I can’t find one I probably don’t actually need it and should throw it out.

I leave you with a picture of my wardrobe. Not sure where in the world it is but when I find it, I will move in immediately. Apologies to whoever currently owns this wardrobe!

(image from hookedonhouses)

Making your space your own

Having lived in furnished rooms in flatshares (as you do in London) for two years now, I’ve not really put my own touch on any of the places I’ve lived, but I think it’s high time for me to start doing that the next time I move. Obviously, moving frequently and living in small rooms where all the space is already taken up by the necessities is not conducive to taking the time and energy to really make the space your own.

Veronica Varlow (who is awesome, by the way. Just sayin’) wrote about the magic of making a room your own a few weeks ago, and it really spoke to me. I do keep my room quite messy, and I never really feel like it’s a space I want to inhabit, even though it’s where I spend a majority of my time! So in order to feel better about myself, my life and everything, I’ve begun making a plan for what I want out of my living space, and how I want it to look in order to best reflect me.

This video is 22 minutes long but I honestly used to watch it several times a day a few months back, just because the setup of her makeup collection is so amazing. I definitely want a similar vanity – preferrably a really old school one with soft light bulbs all around the edge of the mirror! I also love having scented products to make my room smell like a boudoir rather than a plain old bedroom, though I prefer reed diffusers to scented candles, as they are less effort and won’t burn your house down if you don’t watch them carefully!

I want a cozy chair with a little table beside it so I don’t have to spend all my time in my bed – which is what I do currently, as it is the only comfortable space in my room.

Another thing I don’t think I can live without is a full length mirror. I will concede that maybe this suits better in the living room or hallway, especially if it’s only me and the Captain living there. I know she will use it just as much as I will, and if I just have to prance around in my pretty new underwear to see what it looks like, I know she will just take it in stride.

Obviously this is just a very loose collection of ideas for now, but I always think it’s helpful to think of what you want out of something for a good while before actually taking steps to realise it – letting the idea solidify in your head a bit before throwing yourself into something you might not even want a few weeks later. Even so, it’s only making me more excited for my move!