Unruly Curls London

I think it’s fair to say that everyone who has curly hair has, at some point in their life, despaired of ever getting a proper haircut. So many hairdressers seem to think that you can treat curly hair just as straight hair; I’m not even a hairdresser, but I know for damn sure that that’s not true. I have had many a haircut in my day that I’ve either cried over, or just straight up fixed myself when I got home (or both, most of the time). No, “just some texture at the ends” won’t do a thing for me, thanks very much.

So because I’ve been hurt by so many people, I decided to find a hairdresser who knows what they are actually doing. I googled around a bit and decided to go to Unruly Curls near Shepherd’s Bush, and I am super pleased!


I went to Grace, who’s an absolute darling. This was the first time in ages that I haven’t had to beg and plead with my hairdresser to get them to put in a few paltry layers – she knew exactly what I meant when I told her how I like it, so I felt like my hair was in safe hands.

I know they do straight hair as well, but if you have curly hair and you’re sick of pyramid head style haircuts I would definitely recommend them. It’s a five to ten minute walk from Shepherd’s Bush or Latimer Road; I found it a bit hard to find the first time, but well worth it.


blueberry mousse

I’m sick today, so I decided to have a lazy day – the only responsible thing I’m going to do today is dye my hair. I had my roots done yesterday which was such a relief – last time I did them I had a bit of a band of darker hair, so this time I asked her to fix that for me. I went back to the first hairdresser I went to in Australia – she was honestly the best I’ve been to, and not that expensive. Privé in Chadstone y’all! I always get a hairdresser to bleach my roots and then I just do the colour myself.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 19.02.46

I actually thought this fake ombré was pretty cute, which was why I didn’t do my colour yesterday. I thought I might go like that for a week but in the end, the pain of non-toned blonde was too great.

I’m getting a bit sick of the blue, to be honest. I just like pink so much more! The only issue I have with pink is that I like to wear pink makeup and clothing, so sometimes it’s a bit much. Looking like a cartoon character is always nice, but sometimes you’re just too lazy to match your pinks exactly, and then it just looks sloppy. So when I’ve finished my bottle of blue dye I’m going back to lavender, which is pretty much the best candy floss compromise ever.

cruella de ville

When I was late night shopping on eBay the other day, I didn’t just get the one wig; I saw this Cruella De Ville looking hot mama and I knew at once that had to have it. I had to cut the fringe on this one as well – I suspect that’s just how they make them, to suit a larger range of people. Which is pretty nice of them!


Products used:

Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set colourless powder, Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow, MAC pearlmatte face powder in pink buttercream, Too Faced candlelight glow, Smashbox blush rush flush

Eyes: Mac fluidline in Dipdown for the brows, Gorgeous eyeshadows, Urban Decay eyeshadow in Blackout, Kryolan compact eye shadow in Iridescent Highlight G, Rimmel eyeliner, Kardashian Beauty Scintillate lashes

Lips: MAC lip pencil Cherry, Natural Collection lipstick in Cherry Red, Gorgeous colour flash glitter in Ruby

So this look is kind of like if Cruella De Ville was younger, sexier and more obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I like this wig a lot! It’s a bit more natural looking than the other one – not so much in terms of colouring, but more in the quality of the wig. I’m liking it! I can see myself wearing this a lot more than the other one, actually. I even had someone ask to take my photo when I was out and about! I felt like such a celebrity.

the bearded lady

I love doing crazy things with my face. I’m obsessed with makeup, and though I think a well done neutral face certainly has its place, the things that make me live are as far from neutral as possible. Though I think makeup often is and should be about beauty, I think it’s also really important not to be afraid of being ugly. Sometimes, courting ugly will only elevate your look to a higher plane of beauty! I certainly don’t think this look was ugly, but for me it took some courage, and a willingness to let go of my hope for beauty.


Products used:

Face: Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set colourless powder, Illamasqua powder blusher in Ambition

Eyes: Mac fluidline in Dipdown for the brows, Illamasqua powder eye shadow in Burst, Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (Blackout), Illamasqua medium pencil in Vow, Nivea pure diamond powder

Lips: Smashbox lip enhanching gloss in Lustre

Moustache: Moustache from Hub applied with Spirit Gum

In honour of miss Conchita Wurst, I decided that yesterday was the day to premiere my moustache! I’ve sported facial hair before, but only drawn on. There was something special about actually glueing it to my face – I was actually really scared before I walked out the door! I was scared that someone might become verbally abusive, if not physically. That’s not something that I normally think about – street harassment is absolutely a part of my life, but never in a way where I feel threatened for being ugly. Objectification, yes. Hatred, no.

I actually had nothing to worry about – the worst thing that happened was that some people did double takes, and turned around to see if they actually saw what they thought they did. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s not so bad! The people who did say something were very complementary, and one lady told me I looked like a drag queen, which is all I ever wanted from life.

candy floss hair

I’ve been getting along all right for the past few months with my pink hair, but recently I’ve been feeling like if one pastel colour is good, surely loads are better. I bought some hair colour the other day, and while I normally go for Crazy Color, mostly because it’s so easy to find around here, this time I decided to try something new.


I will be completely honest – I decided to try Dare mostly because of the packaging. I am so easy when it comes to pretty things! I can’t deal with things that I have no use for, but if it’s something that I need, and it’s also pretty, wild sharks couldn’t keep me away. As you can see, I also decided to branch out a bit from the pink. I don’t want to stray from my pastel hair, but I’ll allow some colours other than pink.

I decided to use the pink, the lavender and the silver this time – I thought it would just be way too much with every single colour in my hair. Maybe next time! I layered the pink and the lavender from top to bottom, and just put some of the silver in the front.


I feel like the grey came out really well! Next time I’ll probably want to use more of it. I kind of wish I’d put more of the purple towards the front, because the little I can see of it looks really nice with the pink, but since it’s all in the back I can barely see it. I thought the pink was way too bright, at first, but that means it probably won’t wash out in two washes like it normally does, and the more I look at it, the more I like it.


cupcake unicorn princess

About four weeks ago, I was surfing Ebay in the middle of the night, as you do, and I was lamenting the fact that I don’t own any wigs, as you do, and all of a sudden it struck me that the solution to my dilemma was right in front of me. I’ve always been pretty reluctant to order stuff online because I like to know what it actually looks like before committing… but it was so cheap! And so pretty! So I finally ordered myself a wig.


I love it! It’s even longer than I thought it would be, which was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting it to be way shorter than it looked in the picture… I don’t trust easily. I had to cut the fringe quite a bit as it was halfway down my nose and I couldn’t function as a person until I’d fixed it. I’m pretty pleased with the results!


Here’s the back as well. My only (slight) complaint is that I’d have loved the yellow part to be blonde instead, as it looked in the pictures, but it’s a small enough detail that I can’t find it in myself to really care.

new (or old) hair

Before I moved to London in 2011, I had pink hair. I absolutely loved it and I was forever telling people that when it was unveiled I felt like I had finally found my natural hair colour. I think most people who have my mousy brown hair colour spend most of their lives dyeing it and trying to find something a bit more interesting, and I’d finally found the one!


Here with a sidecut (what, it was 2011) and some blue thrown in for flavour.

Of course, when I moved to London and had to get a job, I was concerned that prospective employers might not see it my way, so I dyed it dark red right before I moved. And I liked that too! It served me well for almost two years before I bleached it yellow and had to chop most of it off (I was never good at making good decisions for my hair). I felt a bit darker and more dangerous.


Especially with the villainous moustache.

But now it’s time to go back to basics and go au naturale again. You can only deny your roots for so long, after all.


White as the driven snow

I just went and got my hair done again and I can’t even tell you how pleased I am.


I’m finally getting most of the yellow out (protip: going from dark red to white blonde is not recommended) and I’ve found a really good hairdresser close to where I live. A bit on the expensive side, but I think frequently when it comes to beauty products and treatments, you really get what you pay for.