new jeans

For the past two years or so, I have not owned a pair of jeans. The only thing I’ve worn is basically skirts or yoga pants (or, to my younger self’s horror, trackies). It hasn’t exactly been a huge problem, but more and more I have felt like I need some jeans – it’s not so bad when I just go someplace else to escape winter, but I don’t think that’s a viable strategy to follow for the rest of my life. So I finally got me a pair!

I'm giving you headless fashion because I'm not actually wearing any makeup today
I’m giving you headless fashion because I’m not actually wearing any makeup today

It wasn’t that easy to find a pair that fit all my requirements, because I need a higher waist than most stores seem to think I do, and I am very particular when it comes to colour. The above or one shade darker are the only acceptable options. In the end I found these in H&M, which is pretty typical, I suppose. You can take the girl out of Sweden, but you can’t take her love of cheap fast fashion. I just hope they’ll last!


sunday shoe shopping

Today is a beautiful Sunday, and Melbourne is finally becoming a bit warmer. I’ve been sleeping with double blankets and a hoodie, lately, because for some reason Australian construction doesn’t take into account that though it is a hot country, parts of it have proper winter that requires proper insulation. -15 degrees in Sweden, where you can crank up the heating and curl up on the couch with a hot beverage, is preferable to 10 degrees in Melbourne, where whatever temperature it gets down to outside, will almost certainly be the temperature in your house as well. If you’re lucky you’ll have a space heater you can huddle up to as it struggles to do more than just move the air around.

Because it’s such a lovely day, it’s a perfect opportunity to get out of the house and run some errands. I desperately needed a new pair of dance sneakers – while they’re not ideal for a rainy climate, Melbourne is dry enough that I can indulge my preference for shoes that don’t have a full sole.


So these are technically for dancing, and not meant to be worn outdoors – see the aforementioned half soles; if it starts raining you will curse the day you decided to wear something equivalent to a sock out the door, basically. But until that point they are super comfortable, and they make dancing in the street so much easier. And who doesn’t love dancing in the street!?

Alexander McQueen at the V&A

A few weeks back a friend and I decided to go to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the V&A – I’d wanted to go for ages, but I just never got around to getting tickets. So when I found out she wanted to go as well, I took the chance to actually plan something rather than just thinking about it endlessly! We had a look at the website, and realised it was so popular that they couldn’t keep up with demand. They had ended up opening it up for 24 hours a day during the last days just to give people a chance to see it! By the time we actually tried to get tickets the only ones available were between 2am-5.30am the last Sunday and Saturday… You’d think that was the end of it, but I had decided to go, so I went. I’ve never been to a museum at 2am before, and I can’t say I think it was an ideal time to go, but it was absolutely, completely worth it.

Alexander Mcqueen was the first designer I could ever really pick out of the noise of the fashion crowd – I got into fashion a couple of years ago (before I properly discovered makeup) and he was the very first one that caught my eye; his designs were just so innovative and unique. So when I first heard about this exhibition in its first incarnation back in 2011 (in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum) I prayed that I would get to go at some point in my life!

I walked around the exhibition in a daze; just being so close to these masterpieces felt monumental, and seeing creations in real life that I’d previously only admired in pictures was pretty special (I wasn’t quite as moved as the guy who struck up a lament when he had to leave, but I think I also wasn’t quite as drunk).

One thing that I didn’t really expect was how inspired I felt by this exhibition. It made me feel like I’ve lost a lot of the things that used to give me direction in my life and that I need to get back to my roots and create a lot more. I think that really drove home to me the beauty of fashion – when it’s done right, it’s so much more than just clothes. Alexander McQueen was definitely an artist, and such a unique one at that. I am so happy I had a chance to go!

(Pictures borrowed from here and here)

captain save-the-planet on the move

One thing that I am a bit perplexed that we don’t talk more about is how to do simple mendings when our clothes tear or something breaks. Maybe I’m just in the wrong social circles for this? I don’t have a lot of crafty friends, to be sure, but I still think it’s so important to know just how easy it is to mend something and then get as much as another year or two of use out of it! I’m sure we all have at least one piece of clothing that we’d be absolutely devastated if it was ruined? And yet, many tears would be so easy to fix. I think there’s three items that everyone needs to make sure they get the most out of all their clothes and accessories:

1. Needle and thread

The obvious one. If you just have one needle, and thread in as many colours as you could possibly want (black and white might be good for a start), you can get so much more use out of your clothes. Most of the tears that happen through daily wear and tear are at the seams, anyway, so all you’d have to do is just stitch in back together. Today, for example, I noticed that the lining in the armpit of my favourite jacket had torn – super annoying as you’ll get caught in it every time you put your arm in the sleeve! But since I had the aforementioned needle and thread at hand, I could fix it in under five minutes, and now I’ve got another two years of unencumbered use out of this awesome jacket.

2. Glue

Superglue is the obvious one here, because it works on most materials. I personally like things that look super tacky and have rhinestones all over them, and glue is such a lifesaver when one of them inevitably falls off. Even if you don’t like that kind of stuff, I’m sure there’s something you might need glue for (though a better solution would be to acquire a taste for rhinestones, if you ask me).

One top tip that I don’t know if I should share, because I don’t know if it’s highly toxic and inadvisable – but nail glue is DA BOMB. It adheres to most things and dries instantly – when one of the pearls on my phone case fell off I reattached it with nail glue and I know it will still be there after the heat death of the universe, basically. You probably wouldn’t want to use it on fabric, but if you’re glueing two hard surfaces back together there is nothing better.

3. Jewellery pliers

This one is probably not quite as straight forward as the other two, but it has saved me on many occasions. I sometimes need to shorten the chains of necklaces that I get, for example, because if they’re too long they just hang weirdly off my bust. They’re also great for wires that have been bent out of shape! I don’t use these very often, but when I do, I’m always so grateful that I have them. Most recently, one of my septum rings was kind of lopsided, so I had to cut off one of the ornaments to make it look more symmetrical. In a case like that it’s wire cutters or bust!

In general, I try not to be so recklessly consumerist, and I do think that being proactive about mending things helps a lot in that. The amount of sweaters, t-shirts and leggings I never had to buy (thereby low key saving the planet!) just because I could mend the tiny hole I found in the ones I already had, are absolutely endless. Obviously there are things you just cannot fix, but when it’s something tiny I definitely think that people should be more open to trying to get more use out of the things that they already own, rather than buying new as soon as the tiniest thing happens to it.

Wish list

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 01.55.35

I love shopping, like so many girls, and I have a bad habit of going shopping for things I don’t need and I didn’t want until I saw them in the shop. I’m trying to save money for my upcoming trip to Australia, so obviously I shouldn’t be spending my money on any old thing. So I made a wish list! Anything on this list, I am allowed to get. Anything not on it… I’d try to say I’m absolutely forbidden, but that’s probably the quickest way to make sure I’m gonna go shopping (I like to be contrary)! So I’ll say I have to think very hard about it before I actually get something that’s not on here.

1. Cashmere by Lime crime

I love this greyish nude. I have a sneaking suspicion it might make me look slightly dead, but I’m ok with that. I love Posture by Illamasqua as well, which is definitely zombie-fying on me. I miiiight also sneak a Carousel lipgloss into my order if/when I get this, but only if I’ve been very good and deserve a treat.

2. A strappy lingerie set

I love sexy lingerie and I don’t have enough of it. I’d love something by Agent Provocateur but I just don’t feel like I want to spend quite that much money on underwear. Maybe if someone else bought it for me! In the meantime, there’s a Victoria’s Secret set I’ve been eyeing for a while, and I feel like there’s a chance I might just have to go buy it for myself pretty soon.

3. Valentino pumps

Now, I will settle for something similar, but these are my dream pumps. I don’t really wear heels a lot, so right now the only pair I’ve got left are my pink sparkly Litas. Not exactly an inconspicuous shoe! So I need to get something a bit more toned-down. And these pumps are my holy grail. I hated them when I first saw them, but more often than not, that’s a sign I’ll end up loving whatever it is (yeah, don’t ask me how that works). I’d prefer buying a nice pair that will last me a long time to buying fifteen pairs of shoes I can use three times each and then they fall apart.

4. Mid-size bag

I have a big bag and a few small ones I can take with me if I go out, but I need a mid size one that I can fit my wallet, a water bottle and a few more things in. I have very specific requirements for it, so I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but when I do, I am snapping it up on the spot! I want one I can sling over my shoulder, slightly slouchy but still with some structure, and preferably a zipper rather than a flap. For some reason nothing like that seems to ever come my way, but I’m prepared to wait a long time for the right one.

online shopping woes

I rarely shop online, partly because I like trying things on and touching them before I decide, but mostly because I don’t like waiting for my items to arrive. If I’ve bought something, I want it nownownow! I swear, the day they invent teleportation, online shopping will have its second coming. I, for one, will never leave the house again!

However, last week I had to bite the bullet. I’ve been searching desperately for leg warmers in pastel colours (they help protect your legs when you’re doing aerial hoops – I swear I’m not going back to the 80’s). I don’t want any bright or neon colours because the only thing I like is black and pastel, and I have an aversion to buying things I don’t actually like. Pastel exercise gear is IMPOSSIBLE to find in stores anywhere, because apparently people who exercise are only interested in neon colours. Seriously, why do you have to look like your raver days are not far behind you just because you’d like to go to the gym?

Anyway, the only place I could find them was online, so I ordered some.


One other reason why I usually don’t like to shop online is because you might be waiting a week or two for your purchases, if you’re unlucky, and you won’t be able to tell if something’s wrong until you actually get them. I was burnt so severely on this a few years back – remember when Lita’s by Jeffrey Campbell were super popular? I got a pair like a year after the truly cool people got them, and I was insanely pleased with myself! For some reason I got brown ones, despite never wearing brown. I think I had this misguided idea that I was going to start wearing less black (this is a recurring idea that comes to me anew every few years. I don’t know why, since it never works).

So I ordered them from an American site and had to wait three weeks, so by the time I actually got them I couldn’t wait to try them on. I put the right one on first, and when I went to put the other one one, it seemed a bit wonky – wait, did I put the left shoe on my right foot? No, it looks fine, but the other one…


Panic! Despair! I was so genuinely upset I might have actually cried (I can’t remember but considering how easily I cry, I probably did). I thought I’d have to send them back and have a new pair shipped to me – bear in mind that I was a poor Uni student at the time, so shipping back and forth to America and tax AGAIN did not seem like an exciting prospect to me. What actually happened was that as soon as I sent an email to the site they fell all over themselves in an effort to correct their mistake, but the hours before I actually got their reply were no fun at all.

birthday shenanigans

Last weekend was my birthday weekend! My actual birthday is November 3 (same as Anna Wintour, for the record!), which fell on a Sunday this year, so all weekend was devoted to parties and other fun stuff!

On Saturday, we went to a lesbian halloween party dressed up as slutty Aladdin and slutty Jasmine! It was alright, but kind of small. I feel like it was a good way to start the birthday weekend, at any rate. I don’t think I have any pictures of just me in my costume, but that’s okay –  my favourite was the one I wore on Monday, anyway. We didn’t win the costume contest even though we were obviously the best dressed! But the girl who won brought all her friends to cheer for her, so… I’m not bitter, I swear.

On my actual birthday, I had decided that I wanted to go rock climbing! I’ve never done it before, and I am absolutely terrified of heights. It seemed like a good way to live up to my motto and keep challenging myself! We went to Hardrock in the city, and it was absolutely amazing. I was so terrified! I was shaking, hyperventilating, almost crying, but to my everlasting pride, I managed to climb all the way up to the ceiling! I asked them how high it was, after, and they said it was 18 metres! I’ve been telling everyone I know about it (and even people who I don’t know, who strike up a conversation with me) just because I’m so proud of myself. Conquering my fears, birthday style!


To get our strength back, we went to Vegie Bar in Brunswick, and I don’t think I can fully express to you how amazing the food was. I had two types of daal with rice and roti, and I am basically drooling right now just thinking back to it. I wish I lived next door – I swear I’d be in there twice a day! For dessert I had an amazing dark chocolate cake which I couldn’t quite finish just because it was so rich, but I remember it fondly. And it was all vegan! I didn’t quite realise life could be this good, before.

To top it off, on Monday night we went to yet another lesbian halloween party, this time dressed as slutty Captain America and slutty Riddler. I was way more pleased with this costume! I found the party a bit better as well, so we went out with a bang.


Here’s an instagram shot of my makeup!

And here’s my full costume! I was also wearing slutty American flag shorts – not sure you can tell in this photo, but they looked awesome. I definitely feel like my birthday was celebrated properly and in style!


Yesterday was the hottest day of the year in old London Town. It was absolutely amazing! I went to the park wearing this face:


I felt very cool. The top is from Forever21, which is apparently my spirit animal; one of the days I was out with my mum, two separate girls came up to me and asked where Forever21 was, despite the fact that I wasn’t carrying a bag from them or even wearing any of their clothes. Apparently I just fit their branding to a T!

After a lovely picnic in the park with a lasagna from 42 degrees raw (told you I’d go back immediately!), I went to work, where I was given this here lolly:


When I say “was given” I mean commandeered, but my personal policy is that if you are too drunk to realise that someone has taken your novelty item, you do not deserve it back. Applies especially to hats. I don’t particularly need it, but I suppose the next time I go out, I’ll bring it and pass it on to someone else. It’ll be like the sisterhood of the travelling lolly.

I don’t even have OCD anymore

I really like to keep my room tidy, but I am so bad at it! I sometimes feel like it’s too overwhelming, but I think the main reason is that I never have enough storage space. I like to keep everything very very organised, and if I can’t do that I kind of feel like there’s no point to it. So that’s one of my decorating goals for next time; find a space for absolutely everything, even the stupid stuff that I normally put in a drawer of “things that have no particular place”. If I need it, it needs a place, and if I can’t find one I probably don’t actually need it and should throw it out.

I leave you with a picture of my wardrobe. Not sure where in the world it is but when I find it, I will move in immediately. Apologies to whoever currently owns this wardrobe!

(image from hookedonhouses)

That elusive dream

One thing that I am continuously trying to do is cull my wardrobe. I love clothes and can’t get enough of them, but there is nothing that annoys me more than having loads of clothes that I never use. My late nan was a bit of a packrat, and so I learnt a lot from her about what not to do. We spent years going through all of her stuff trying to cull it a bit and she was continuously saying that she would look at this or that later – just like she had the last time we did it a few months ago. I know from experience that later never comes and if you’re wondering if you should keep it, you probably don’t actually need it.

I feel like it’s even more important now that I’ll be leaving soon because I really won’t have the space in my luggage for all of this crap that I have accumulated over the years. While I’ll certainly leave some of it in Sweden before I go, I can’t think of anything more satisfying than having less, but feeling genuine satisfaction at every single item you own. I feel like surely you must become a more pure version of yourself every time you let go of a piece of anything that you don’t love completely.