fraudulent home decorating

Today I’ve spent all morning on the phone with my bank’s fraud prevention team because apparently, when they ask for your address details at the checkout in any online transaction, that is actually a security measure rather than something annoying that you have to input because they hate you and are judging you for what you’re trying to do with your own money.

Lesson learnt, I suppose. This is the second time in a short amount of time that I’ve had my card blocked because they just aren’t sure if I’m being serious or not, so maybe I should have a look at what I’m spending my money on. I just moved into a new flat, so I’ve been buying heaps of home decoration stuff! I’ll post some pics once I get all my stuff off the floor, but I think the jewel in my crown is the light up star cushions I got that should be arriving any day now! As far as I know I’ll be staying in this flat for the next year or so, so I definitely want it to be a home rather than just a place where I’m staying.


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