white eye liner

Yesterday was apparently national coming out day, which I completely missed until the Captain came out to me as we were getting ready for bed. It’s a day worthy of celebration, of course, so happy belated coming out day, everyone! Love, your friendly neighbourhood bisexual.

Today is just a normal day, as far as I’m aware, but I thought I’d make myself a bit pretty. I never use my white eyeliner for anything except dots all over my eyes, but when I saw this videoΒ I realised that contrary to what I previously believed, you can make a white cat eye work. So I recreated it!


I used Illamasqua’s liquid liners in Scribe and Abyss – a white liquid liner seems a bit weird at first, but I’ve honestly used it a lot more than I thought I would when I first got it. Would recommend!

Oh and hey my hair is grey! I had to get my roots done, and I hadn’t actually planned on changing it up, but while I was there I caught myself thinking I should get some grey toner on the way home, so I let my hairdresser do it instead. It was terrifying to once again venture out into the straight world (hah!) but I survived, and I managed to find a girl who would at least listen to me when I asked her for some layers.

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