taxi driver vendetta

I am so angry right now! Yesterday, I went out for a bit, and I caught a taxi home, and my driver essentially stole money from me. I know, right!? He asked me to prepay for my journey, which was pretty weird considering going from the CBD to St Kilda isn’t that far, but whatever. I gave him what I thought was a $20 note, but he showed me a fiver and told me that’s what I’d given him. Being the kind, trusting soul I am, I believed him, and I even paid him an additional $10 upon arrival to “make up the difference” – and when I then couldn’t find my $20 I realised he had made me pay pretty much double what I should have!

Part of me feels like if he needs $15Β that badly he can have it, and I hope he feels really pathetic for it, but a larger part of me wants revenge – I am a pretty vengeful person in general, but I am doing my best to channel it into more appropriate channels. I also feel that because he already had decoy money prepared, this is probably something that he does a lot to people going home late at night, and if people don’t complain about him he will just keep getting away with it. So if you want to be generous you could say that I am saving other people from having a similar experience! I only got an answer phone when I called the company, but I am prepared to call them up every single day until I get an answer about what they are doing about it. There is no end to my well of resentment, and I have all the time in the world to make him regret ever meeting me.


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