graphic liner and vietnamese food

Today I’ve experimented with some graphic eyeliner! I have been a bit reluctant to do it previously because I keep assuming I do not have a steady hand. I don’t know why, because I’ve perfected the art of the winged liner, but it’s one of those things that I’ve carried with me for years – I did not have a very steady hand when I was younger, so despite evidence that I have improved, I have gone through life thinking that I am the sort of person who just can’t do certain things, like draw a straight line. And those are the kinds of assumptions we should always be challenging about ourselves!

This is perhaps not the most elaborate graphic liner ever, but I am pretty happy with myself for making a first attempt! Evolving and trying new things is always good, even if it is something small.

Me and my graphic eyeliner went to H&M to find a pair of jeans – part of me feels really silly for going halfway across the world and still going to the same stores, but what can you do when they’re the only ones who carry jeans that are high waisted enough for me!? Then we met up with the Captain and went for some Vietnamese food on Brunswick street. It was okay, but I don’t think Vietnamese will ever be a favourite of mine. I do like rice paper rolls, but I just can’t stand noodle soup, and that seems to be most of what there is to vietnamese food. Maybe one day I’ll be proven wrong!

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