back end of summer

Summer is here! you have no idea how hilarious it is to me as a European to be writing that in October. I’m loving it, though; I know a lot of people like autumn because it’s cozy and you get to wear more layers, but I hate it. I would like to be warm without wearing layers. When all my friends back home post updates about how it’s getting colder and darker, all while I am walking along on the beach, wishing I had an umbrella to shield myself from the sun, something within me grows three sizes. I don’t think it’s my heart, because a heart shouldn’t grow from something that just slightly relies on schadenfreude, but it’s something all right.

I chose to celebrate the return of summer by doing two things I haven’t done in a long time; one of them was to get back in the hoop and get some practice time in, which I haven’t done for over a year. The other was to get there by bike, which I haven’t done in probably more than five years. It was a lot of fun and I could feel my thighs growing three sizes as well! But apparently a bike seat is pretty unforgiving so now my bum hurts a lot. I’m gonna say it was worth it, though; I’ve wanted to get a bike since I got here because I feel like it’s a waste of my time to have to get the tram every time I want to go into the city. Β Now that it’s warm enough, and once my bum recovers, I will get the bike instead and no longer be a slave to PTV.

I celebrated with a glittery selfie – as I posted on Instagram, I think I looked especially gay today. I think it’s the snapback. I’m in a very extravagant mood when it comes to makeup lately. I seem to go through two cycles; perfectly applied neutral makeup, or “my five year old chose these colours”. They’re both nice, but clearly five year olds just have way more fun!


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