Smith & daughters


Every hipster and vegan in Melbourne knows and loves Smith and Daughters. Every time someone mentions that place there’s a chorus of “have you been? Oh my god you have to go! It’s sooo good!” And part of me is always like if that many people like it, it’s probably down to some mass delusion rather than actual quality, and part of me is very intrigued. They serve tapas, and while I do enjoy the whole idea of sharing food between you, tapas would never be as interesting to me as dim sum.

Nonetheless, I wanted to try it at least once, so tonight I went there with some friends, and I have to say – the next time someone mentions Smith and Daughters, I’m gonna have to join that chorus. It was so good! We had some cashew cheese and bean dip with nachos, some smoked paprika mushrooms, a leek and potato bake, and potatoes with chimichurri. Oh, and a vegan blood sausage that I refused to try because… blood sausage? Come on. All the food was just so delicious and flavourful, I definitely understand why people love it so much.

After that we went to get crepes at Rue de Crêperie, which is just up the street. I got a salted caramel and banana crêpe, which is my absolute favourite flavour! I love that Fitzroy has so many different vegan restaurants and cafes. Thank you Fitzroy!




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