sunday shoe shopping

Today is a beautiful Sunday, and Melbourne is finally becoming a bit warmer. I’ve been sleeping with double blankets and a hoodie, lately, because for some reason Australian construction doesn’t take into account that though it is a hot country, parts of it have proper winter that requires proper insulation. -15 degrees in Sweden, where you can crank up the heating and curl up on the couch with a hot beverage, is preferable to 10 degrees in Melbourne, where whatever temperature it gets down to outside, will almost certainly be the temperature in your house as well. If you’re lucky you’ll have a space heater you can huddle up to as it struggles to do more than just move the air around.

Because it’s such a lovely day, it’s a perfect opportunity to get out of the house and run some errands. I desperately needed a new pair of dance sneakers – while they’re not ideal for a rainy climate, Melbourne is dry enough that I can indulge my preference for shoes that don’t have a full sole.


So these are technically for dancing, and not meant to be worn outdoors – see the aforementioned half soles; if it starts raining you will curse the day you decided to wear something equivalent to a sock out the door, basically. But until that point they are super comfortable, and they make dancing in the street so much easier. And who doesn’t love dancing in the street!?


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