Every time I order dumplings, or anything else where you can’t actually see what’s in the food, I’m terrified that they’re going to give me the meat version. It normally doesn’t happen; I’ve been vegetarian for thirteen years, and I can only think of three times someone actually gave me the wrong food. But today it happened; I ate a dumpling and thought it was just a really gross mushroom one. But no. It’s been hours and I still feel so grossed out, I might cry.

On a practical level, I’m pretty scared I’ll get food poisoning; on an emotional level, I can’t actually remember this ever happening to me before, and I feel tainted. I think the worst part is that I did think it tasted like meat, but because we’d ordered veggie ones and my friend didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with it, I thought I was being silly. Turns out, I should have just trusted my first instinct and spat it out!

I suppose the only thing I can do is try to forget it, and think of all the yummy food I’ve been having lately; yesterday, I made this peanut stew from the vegan stoner – although I prefer actually boiling the potatoes rather than making them in the microwave. If you chop them up before cooking them it’s 300% quicker! If you have some broccoli and zucchini lying around, they go great in this recipe as well. I didn’t know until recently that if you mix up tomato sauce and peanut butter, you get a creamy tomato sauce. How awesome!?

Image from The Vegan Stoner (click through for post!)

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