la revolucion

Me and the Captain went to a burlesque/cabaret performance the other night that was so weird. We thought it would be more circusy, because it was put on by Circus Oz, but it turned out to be mostly cabaret style acts which is also fun, obviously.

The Captain wasn’t that enamoured, but I loved it! It was everything that I wish that cabaret normally is; there was, for example, one performance where a woman came out dressed only in dreadlocks down to the floor that covered her face and most of her body, and a huge, hairy merkin. The entire performance was basically her jumping up and down the stage and swinging her dreads around. Absolutely hilarious!


My favourite of the night was a performance where a ketchup bottle acted as a metaphor for death and stand in for a heart – it was just the right level of pretentiousness and weirdness for me. I sometimes feel like burlesque performances are a bit too straightforward, and I would appreciate a bit more weirdness. It’s not for everyone, but I thought it was super interesting!


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