Itadaki Zen


I have a tendency to go to the same three veggie restaurants all the time, because I basically never go anywhere but central London. That’s a really bad habit which I am now doing my very best to break, though! There’s so many places to go in London that it seems like a horrible waste to only ever go to a few of them.

Basically, when I say I never go anywhere but central London, what I mean is that the only two tube stops I ever go to and from are Bond Street and Piccadilly Circus. So while Kings Cross might not seem like such a way off the beaten path, in my case it almost is! I decided to make the effort because there’s a vegan Japanese restaurant in Kings Cross called Itadaki Zen which I really wanted to go to.

I’ve been once before, but it was ages ago so I couldn’t remember what the food was like at all. I love Asian food, and I’d like to become more familiar with Japanese food in particular, but I found it really hard to get any veggie food at all when I was in Tokyo – partly my own fault for not doing research, I’m sure, but they did seem to put beef broth in many places where it definitely did not have to be.


I love sharing food and maximising potential in meals, especially when you go somewhere new – if you can try three dishes instead of just one, why not!? So we opted to share some spring rolls, miso soup, tofu steak and some okara no iri-ni which… honestly I am still not sure what it is. Soy bean pulp and vegetables? It was perfectly okay, but I preferred the tofu steak and the spring rolls.

Final verdict is that the spring rolls were delicious, the rest of the food was good, and I’d definitely go again! I think in the end I do prefer some of the more fragrant cuisines like Indian and Thai, but I don’t have any real complaints. And as always, it’s such a relief when you go somewhere and you don’t even have to ask if the food is vegan because it all is! More like that, please.


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