Pride 2015

This Saturday was Gay Christmas, or, as people like to refer to it, London Pride! I went with one of my friends to see the parade, and it was obviously everything I’d been waiting for all year.

It was kind of a short day for me; we had tried to find out where the official after party for women would be, but it turned out there was no such thing this year because the venue had fallen through. Not amazing! But we hung out on the streets of soho, instead, and there’s worse things to do!


In honour of the American Supreme Court decision the day before to allow marriage equality in all of America (which I did not see coming at all!), I wore my American flag shorts. I’d kind of forgotten how revealing they were, though; turns out booty shorts are a perfectly acceptable outfit in Australia, but feel a lot more confronting in London!

I didn’t stay out for that long, because Soho was just way too crowded for me, and the only thing we really ended up doing was drinking. I was still very pleased with this opportunity to to soak up all the gayness London has to offer!


So much gay in the air.