instagram favourites

It’s no secret that I am a complete Instagram addict. If I had to delete all my social media but one, Instagram is definitely the one I’d hold on to! I love it for many things, but one of its main benefits is how easy it is to find quality makeup inspiration. so on that note, here are five of my favourite beauty focused Instagram accounts! Just as a warning, the last one I’m recommending is a special effects makeup account so here’s ya trigger warning for gore!

1. Sugarpill


This one won’t be new to most people who have any interest in makeup at all, obviously, but I definitely think it’s worth mentioning. They post a lot of amazing makeup looks from their fans, and I think the ratio of promo posts to makeup looks is perfect. Most brand pages will post a bit too much about this or that new product (fair enough, I suppose, but I prefer when it seems a bit more human), but Sugarpill has found the perfect balance. Also Shrinkle is adorable and I want to be her when I grow up (and I suspect I’m not the only one).

2. Adore Dolls Parlour


This is a Gold Coast based nail salon with nails that are the absolute BOMB. I die at every single thing they do (and yes, I realise that my bias towards pink is coming out in this collage). I was honestly considering going up to the Gold Coast when I go back to Australia just to get my nails done by them, but then lo and behold! I noticed that they are now doing a pop up shop in Melbourne twice monthly! I’m gonna have to email them ASAP to book my slot, and start researching what exactly I want my nails to look like.

3. Manny Gutierrez


I love it when guys wear makeup! I think gender roles in general are so tragic, so I am definitely here for anyone who’s doing their part to break them down. Especially when they look so good doing it! Manny’s pretty hilarious and he also has a Youtube channel so if you prefer people in motion you can get yours.

4. Mindy Hardy Nails


This is another nail art account that I love. I feel like 3D nails might be on the way out which makes me so sad because I absolutely love them. As far as I know there’s unfortunately no one in London who can actually do this, which seems really weird to me! So I just scroll through IG accounts like this and cry about how my nails might never look as good.

And so, for the last one, again it looks pretty gross but it’s all makeup! I’ll put it behind a read more so all you sensitive souls out there don’t have to worry. Continue reading “instagram favourites”