Favourite lashes

I love wearing false lashes. They make you look 200% more put together instantly, and when I’m going out, I don’t even feel halfway done if I’m not wearing them. It took me quite a long while to figure out how you were meant to put them on, but once I did, I never took them off (well… figuratively). The only thing I don’t like about them is that I can’t wear them with my glasses, because they get caught on them and I can’t blink properly.


These three are my absolute favourite pairs of lashes.

1. Half lashes from Daiso

I got these from Daiso, which is a Japanese store in Australia where everything is 2.40. Judging by just that, you’d expect them not to be great, but you’d be wrong. They are absolutely amazing, and every time I wear them I get compliments on them from at least one person. They’re a bit easier to apply than full lashes, because you don’t really need to bend them to fit your eye quite as much, so there’s no resistance in the band where it wants to pop off at then ends like so many lashes do! I’m pretty sure you can’t get them in the UK, so when I go back to Australia I definitely want to stock up.

2. “Kitty” lashes from the Vintage Cosmetic Company

These lashes look like natural lashes, but thicker and more beautiful. I wear them a lot with my Daiso lashes, because they look pretty similar, and together, they just make you look like a screen siren from the 40s. Beautiful!

IMG_55813. ScintillateΒ by Kardashian Beauty

Now, I know that opinions differ quite wildly when it comes to the Kardashian family, but you cannot deny that their lashes are the bomb. These in particular are so cute, and I love wearing them with lighter makeup to get a bit of a doll-like look. The band is quite thick and sturdy, which is how I prefer it – nothing worse than lashes that just fly away in whichever direction when you’re trying to put them on.

There you have it, my three favourites! Honourable mention goes out to all my crazy sugar pill lashes; they’re beautiful, and I’m sure they’d be my favourites if I could just find an occasion to wear them…

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