One thing I really wanted to do here in Tokyo was go to Disneyland. I went to Euro Disney in Paris when I was five, but it was in November (for my birthday!) and I was tiny so there were a lot of things that either weren’t open or weren’t open to me. So I was pretty excited to get to do everything this time!


The first thing I wanted to do was meet Mickey! I met him when I was in Paris as well, and my mum wanted to get a picture but our camera was out of film. Pretty naff. But this time I got a picture, and I am so happy! I waited almost exactly twenty-one years for that so there was no way I was gonna miss it even though I had to queue up for over an hour.

The second day, I went to Disney Sea on the recommendation of one of my friends, and I am so happy I did! It was so aces! Such a beautiful park, so many more characters walking around, heaps better rides… if you have a chance to go, but only have one day, definitely do Disney Sea! I think the only thing that was better at Disneyland was that they had the castle.


I got some pictures with various characters (and Mickey again, of course), and I went on all the rides that said to avoid them if you have high blood pressure. I loved Journey to the Centre of the Earth, so I went on that twice, but my absolute favourite was Indiana Jones! It was probably the most fun ride I’ve been on in my entire life and I just screamed and laughed the whole time – I could barely breathe! It was like a mix of a roller coaster and a haunted house, and though I do hate haunted houses, knowing that we’d be swept away in a second made it all okay. It was the last one I went on and it was absolutely the perfect finish to an amazing day! I’m almost sad I didn’t get a three day pass so I could go again.


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