I am in Tokyo! I used to be obsessed with Japan when I was younger (yes, even then I was a huge nerd… I loved mangas so much), and I honestly never thought I’d actually gett to visit this country. I’m very happy to be proven wrong! I just told my mum on the phone that if it wasn’t for the fact that I moved to Australia (which I never planned), I probably wouldn’t have gone to Japan either, because the thought of going halfway across the world seemed so huge to me. Now, I’m flying to other countries willy-nilly!


My first two days I just went shopping inΒ Harajuku and Shibuya, which was nice, but wasn’t as different from back home as I was hoping for. Today, I went to Sensoji temple, and that was really nice – very different from anything you’d get in Europe, and a bit more culturally inclined than running around in stores all day. Probably should have done that the first day, to be honest! But I got to go with a girl I made friends with at my hostel today, so it all worked out for the best.

We also went to the Imperial Gardens, and we got picked up by a group of Japanese people who asked to give us a guided tour in order to improve their English. Pretty random but fun!


Tomorrow, I am going to DISNEYLAND! I am freaking out quite a lot. I’ve got my false nails on and my outfit and makeup planned! I will be looking absolutely perfect when I meet Mickey, or else.


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