colour explosion

One thing I’ve been planning on doing for years was add some colour to my scorpion tattoo on my right shoulder, but I just couldn’t think of what I wanted to do until a few months ago, when I noticed a tattoo on a friend of a friend. It was so cool and I’d never seen anything like it – it looked like someone had splashed watercolour on her skin. I asked her who did it, and she directed me to miss Emma Chiuman who, at the time, was living in Melbourne.

She was due to leave for Hong Kong in like a week, though.

Despair! Horror! Sudden dawning realisation that I was going to travel through Asia on my way back to Europe anyway! So yeah, I emailed her when I knew what date I’d be leaving, and set up an appointment.



Here it is! I am so pleased with how it turned out. I had a pretty shit time getting to Hong Kong but this definitely made it worth it! I feel like now it matches my personality so much better, and I can wear it with pride.


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