whitsunday islands

I continued my journey down the coast of Australia with a boat trip out to the Whitsunday Islands. My travel agent insisted I had to go there, and with a few days to spare before I have to leave, I thought why not. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because I’m not really a beach person, but I thought we might get the opportunity for some more snorkelling, so I was pretty excited!

day2divecam 033

The first day we just went for a snorkel and a trip further south to get closer to Whitehaven beach. I really enjoyed it, but I also did think that the snorkelling in Cairns was somewhat better. The water was a lot clearer up there, and they didn’t warn us about any deadly jellyfish, which I definitely appreciated.

The second day, we went to Whitehaven beach. Now, I am not a beach person, but I must say that it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my entire life! The sand was like walking on flour – it is the whitest sand on the planet, and to be honest it looks more like snow than like sand.


It was like walking around in a postcard! This was such a beautiful experience, and I’m really glad I went.

Now, I’m en route to Sydney for my final four days in Australia!


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