under the sea

I just went scuba diving in the Great Barrier reef! At first, when I booked my trip, I was absolutely terrified of the thought, and I had intended to just go snorkelling. However, my travel agent strongly encouraged me into trying scuba diving instead, so after a bit of hesitation, I agreed. I’m so happy I finally got to do something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I first got to Australia!

I arrived to Cairns yesterday, after flying overnight which was a terrible decision considering the flight is only about 3.5 hours long and I need heaps more sleep than that. I got to Cairns around 7 and then I couldn’t check into my hostel until later in the afternoon! So basically all I did yesterday was hang around and try not to sleep too much, since I knew I needed to get up early today. I did manage to have a look at the city though and found one of the most beautiful city spots I’ve seen.


Who ever saw a public infinity pool before?! I didn’t have a swim in it yet but I don’t have anything to do on Saturday so I just might then.

So after a beautiful night’s sleep I woke up at 6.30 this morning and made my way down to the harbour. It took us about two hours to get out to the reef and then we were set loose! I didn’t manage to take any pictures, unfortunately, since I didn’t have an underwater camera, but rest assured it was easily as beautiful as the pictures you’ve already seen. I saw so many different fishes! I could have easily spent several days out there.

I did enjoy the dive, but as someone who’s scared of everything, I must say I preferred the snorkelling since that came with a bit more control of your surroundings. That made it a lot easier to concentrate on what I was seeing, rather than on breathing properly! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who asked, though.


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