Let’s play spot the dorky pun!


Three weeks or so ago I decided that as a reward to myself for being a grownup I would reward myself with a septum piercing! I would do it on my last day in Melbourne as a final hurrah of sorts, and since today was my last day in Melbourne… there it is! I am super pleased. I couldn’t quite decide for a long time but finally I just thought that if I hate it I can always take it out when I go back to London and need to find work, and I won’t even have a visible scar – so in that way, it’s a very low stakes piercing.

I was super nervous before doing it, and it turns out I was right to be. My piercer was lovely and super cute (which, coming from me, is a huge compliment because I find maybe three guys a year cute) and could not have been more professional or reassuring but god damn it that was one of the most intensely painful things I’ve ever done. For reference and full disclosure, I have previously had my nipple pierced, which I think is widely regarded as the second most painful piercing you can do. If that was a three on the pain scale, this was easily an eight. It was over quickly, thankfully, and once it was in there I could barely feel it, but damn. Happy as I am with it, I can tell you that if my tortured wiggling had made it end up crooked and I had to come back and do it again, I don’t think I could have done it.

Ps. the lipstick I’m wearing is Cherry Red by Natural Collection from Boots and even though that is not a brand I would normally go for, I have to say this is the best red lipstick ever. It is the perfect red for someone who wants it just slightly blue toned. And cheap as!

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