makeup roll call

I am just not doing anything interesting in terms of makeup lately because I feel like I don’t have the time or inclination now that I’m travelling. It’s so much easier to just keep it simple and stick to the basics – not least of all because then I don’t have to cart all my makeup around everywhere!

One thing I am doing, though, asΒ part of my ongoing challenge to use absolutely all of my makeup, I decided to make a list of the makeup I own. I’m crossing everything off as I use it, and hopefully at the end I’ll have used it all, or be left with a list of products I might as well just get rid of. I love having a lot of makeup, but nothing makes me feel more cluttered than having stuff I have no use for!


In my defense, only about half of this is mine. But still, half of a shitload is still quite a lot.


4 thoughts on “makeup roll call

    1. Absolutely! And if you get rid of some stuff that you don’t use you can always reward yourself by getting whatever it is you’ve been craving lately… πŸ˜‰

  1. Great post! I often clear out my stash as it just means that there’s more room for new products haha. x

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