blueberry mousse

I’m sick today, so I decided to have a lazy day – the only responsible thing I’m going to do today is dye my hair. I had my roots done yesterday which was such a relief – last time I did them I had a bit of a band of darker hair, so this time I asked her to fix that for me. I went back to the first hairdresser I went to in Australia – she was honestly the best I’ve been to, and not that expensive. PrivΓ© in Chadstone y’all! I always get a hairdresser to bleach my roots and then I just do the colour myself.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 19.02.46

I actually thought this fake ombrΓ© was pretty cute, which was why I didn’t do my colour yesterday. I thought I might go like that for a week but in the end, the pain of non-toned blonde was too great.

I’m getting a bit sick of the blue, to be honest. I just like pink so much more! The only issue I have with pink is that I like to wear pink makeup and clothing, so sometimes it’s a bit much. Looking like a cartoon character is always nice, but sometimes you’re just too lazy to match your pinks exactly, and then it just looks sloppy. So when I’ve finished my bottle of blue dye I’m going back to lavender, which is pretty much the best candy floss compromise ever.


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