melbourne redux

Yesterday, I abruptly started feeling like Perth was not for me anymore. I felt like I’d done everything I need to do here and to stay for longer would just be a long wait for when I could finally leave. So I’m going back to Melbourne for two weeks! I am not a very spontaneous person, but I do have a very strong sense of what I do and do not want. And I do not want to stay here any longer.

It’s a bit silly because I already have tickets to Cairns booked from here, and plans on my last day, so I ended up having to come back to Perth again rather than just flying straight from Melbourne. I still feel like it’s a small price to pay for greater happiness. And it will give me another chance to catch up with people that I didn’t get to say goodbye to properly! Also, in the vein of my last post… Madame K’s every day.

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