Yesterday, I booked the first of many tickets for my trip back home; my plan right now is to go back to Sweden via Hong Kong – Japan – Thailand. Before that, I want to travel Australia a bit as well, and see more of the country than just Melbourne.Β I’ve got a lot to squeeze in before I leave in September! I’m missing everyone back home a bit more now that I know when I’ll be back – it’s always harder when you know for sure when you’ll be seeing them again, rather than when it’s just an abstract point in the future.

I’ve been away for a long time now, to the point where it stopped feeling like being away, and started feeling like home. I was actually pretty unhappy with Melbourne for a few months, and it’s not until now, when it’s sunk in that I’m leaving pretty soon, that I’ve started liking it, and wondering if I shouldn’t have been so quick to say I wouldn’t stay for a second year.

When I left for Australia I promised my mother two things; that I wouldn’t fall in love (unlikely, seeing as I completely lack the normal range of human emotion) and that I’d come back at the end of the year.Β I’m not exactly unwilling to honour that part of my promise, but the fact that I briefly considered staying is pretty telling, considering I was adamant that would never happen to me. Ultimately, I think my year in Australia will have been a great learning experience for me, but it’s not a country I’d like to settle in permanently. Though who knows where life will take me!?


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