don’t need no chucky

One of my friends told me yesterday that I am really creepy sometimes. Rude! Or not really. She meant it as a compliment, and I definitely took it as one! I do have some affectations that are mainly meant to unsettle people – partly because so many people have told me that I have a very innocent face, and I love to contrast that with something a bit more sinister. I’m not quite sure what it’s called, but the aesthetic that most appeals to me is one with a lot of pastels, bows and glitter, but also bones, crosses, demonic influences all mixed together – I guess you’d call it creepy cute. I tried to incorporate it a bit more into my life today by doing a look inspired by porcelain dolls.


Products used:

Face: MAC Skin Base primer, Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set translucent powder, Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek creme in Sweet Cream

Eyebrows: Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow

Eyes: Makeup Store eyeshadow in White, Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadows, Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner in Noir Intense, White eyeliner from H&M, Mac Zoom Eyes mascara, Eyelure Naturalites lashes (Choppy style), Naturelle black contacts

Lips: MAC lip pencil in Dervish, Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in Whimsy, Gorgeous Cosmetics lipstick in Plum

This is the first time I’ve ever worn bottom lashes! I tried to use these once before, but I wasn’t in the mood to fiddle with them so I gave up very quickly. I think it’s a pretty cool look, but I wouldn’t want to do it every day – partly because it wouldn’t always suit what I’m going for, but mostly because I don’t need yet another thing to add to my “essentials” list!

I do think it looks really cool when people use white eyeliner underneath the eye, and add lashes further down to really open up the eye. That’s something I’d love to try next time, and might be something I’m more keen to incorporate into my repertoire.


Since that’s a pretty cute face, I decided to creep it up a bit with my clothing! I got the top from a few days ago, and the skirt is really old, from Miss Selfridge. I wasn’t even going to buy the top – the Captain suggested it to me when I was ordering leggings and skirts, and I kind of chucked it in as an afterthought. Best decision I’ve made in a long time! The skirt is my circus tent skirt, and I love it so much. The black and white stripy circus look appeals to me hardcore, which I guess is even more fitting now that I actually do circus tricks!


One thought on “don’t need no chucky

  1. I think you really cool awesome, I like how you did your makeup in your picture. You’re one hell of a beauty ❤

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