I’ve been very curious about Sugarpill Cosmetics for a good while now – everyone on Instagram loves them and their products all seem very high quality. I’ve just never ordered anything because I had deluded myself into thinking I don’t like shopping online (LIES-a Minelli! I just don’t like waiting for my order to arrive). About two weeks ago, however, the Captain and I decided to put in a joint order. The benefit of living with another person who’s as obsessed with makeup as you are, is that if you order a lot, the shipping is exponentially cheaper. And Sugarpill has free international shipping over $100! Somewhat prohibitive if it’s just for one person, piece of cake if there’s two of you.


As you can see, I went on a bit of an eyelash spree!Β I think they’re so unique, I’ve never seen anything similar in a store. Maybe at Shu Uemura, but those are 42 cold hard Australian Dollars, and the sugar pill ones are like… nine. Easy choice! I’m really keen on trying all of these out, they’re so gorgeous. I especially love the second ones from the left; they look like a crown, and I’m pretty sure I’ll feel like a princess when wearing them!


I also got some eyeshadows! I love mint, and I have a lipstick which I’m pretty sure will match this eyeshadow perfectly. The eggplant one is pretty much the darkest I’ll go nowadays with a non-neutral colour – I used to use super dark eyeshadows all the time, but now I prefer brighter colours, and if I want it darker I’ll put some black in the crease, basically. Which is fine, obviously, but it also means that I have loads of dark eyeshadows I’ll probably never use again! Hashtag first world problems.


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