makeup sale

Let me tell you a fictitious story, very loosely based upon my own life: Once upon a time, there was a girl who said “I’m just not going to buy anymore makeup… I feel like I have enough.”

Yeah, not so much. I do feel like I absolutely own enough makeup, but apparently not even that was enough to deter me from going out and getting some more. This morning, the Captain woke me up and started talking about a sale at Melbourne Central, and I was only half listening to her, readying my comeback: I’m not interested in getting more makeup, I’m not interested in getting makeup at 20% off, we are not going shopping. Sit down.

And sheΒ made me hear her out anyway and it turned out that it was way better than I could have imagined; if you bought makeup for $50, you got makeup for another $100 for free.


So yeah. I bought even more makeup! I wasn’t meant to but I was very pleased nonetheless.



I got two lipsticks that were not quiiiite like anything I had already, two cream blushes which were also not exactly like anything I had, and a loose pigment that was genuinely not very similar to anything I already owned. I just feel like I have so much makeup now that there’s probably nothing I could get that would be entirely unique.

Out of this haul, I’m really keen to try the pink blush, especially; it’s pink and lovely like a Smashbox blush I already own, but with the same kind of beautiful golden sheen that Nars’ orgasm blush is so famous for. It’s like the best of both worlds! And we all know that’s what I like.


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