stared into the abyss // abyss stared back

I’ve been wearing contacts for the past few years, once I finally got over my fear of getting an eye infection and going blind. I was not actually that vain when I was younger (I know, considering how vain I am now, that’s a real shocker!), so I was never as bothered by wearing glasses as many of my peers seemed to be. I didn’t really see the point until I started wearing more elaborate makeup, but now they’re a must.

I ordered online this time, which I’ve never done before since I’m a good girl and I always follow the recommendation of going to the optometrist to get your eyes checked once a year, and it only makes sense to get my contacts there. However, I really can’t be bothered finding one here and going through the whole process from start to finish when I know I’ll be leaving Australia soon anyway. Is that really lazy? It’s also partly because I think it’d be really expensive for me as a non-citizen, and I’d prefer to wait until I got back home.

Anyway, I decided to try something new! I got black contacts. My eyes are pretty dark anyway, but I’ve been meaning to try coloured contacts for a long time now.


There you have it! It’s not really a huge difference, but I can definitely tell that there’s something going on there. I probably wouldn’t re-purchase the ones I got this time (they’re really flimsy! I’m sure daily contacts were never this flimsy the last time I used them), but I’m definitely curious about what other kinds I could get. I’d love to start out with a pair that’s proper black, first of all!


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