the bearded lady

I love doing crazy things with my face. I’m obsessed with makeup, and though I think a well done neutral face certainly has its place, the things that make me live are as far from neutral as possible. Though I think makeup often is and should be about beauty, I think it’s also really important not to be afraid of being ugly. Sometimes, courting ugly will only elevate your look to a higher plane of beauty! I certainly don’t think this look was ugly, but for me it took some courage, and a willingness to let go of my hope for beauty.


Products used:

Face: Ben Nye cream stick foundation in Ivory, Ben Nye neutral set colourless powder, Illamasqua powder blusher in Ambition

Eyes: Mac fluidline in Dipdown for the brows, Illamasqua powder eye shadow in Burst, Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (Blackout), Illamasqua medium pencil in Vow, Nivea pure diamond powder

Lips: Smashbox lip enhanching gloss in Lustre

Moustache: Moustache from Hub applied with Spirit Gum

In honour of miss Conchita Wurst, I decided that yesterday was the day to premiere my moustache! I’ve sported facial hair before, but only drawn on. There was something special about actually glueing it to my face – I was actually really scared before I walked out the door! I was scared that someone might become verbally abusive, if not physically. That’s not something that I normally think about – street harassment is absolutely a part of my life, but never in a way where I feel threatened for being ugly. Objectification, yes. Hatred, no.

I actually had nothing to worry about – the worst thing that happened was that some people did double takes, and turned around to see if they actually saw what they thought they did. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s not so bad! The people who did say something were very complementary, and one lady told me I looked like a drag queen, which is all I ever wanted from life.


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