candy floss hair

I’ve been getting along all right for the past few months with my pink hair, but recently I’ve been feeling like if one pastel colour is good, surely loads are better. I bought some hair colour the other day, and while I normally go for Crazy Color, mostly because it’s so easy to find around here, this time I decided to try something new.


I will be completely honest – I decided to try Dare mostly because of the packaging. I am so easy when it comes to pretty things! I can’t deal with things that I have no use for, but if it’s something that I need, and it’s also pretty, wild sharks couldn’t keep me away. As you can see, I also decided to branch out a bit from the pink. I don’t want to stray from my pastel hair, but I’ll allow some colours other than pink.

I decided to use the pink, the lavender and the silver this time – I thought it would just be way too much with every single colour in my hair. Maybe next time! I layered the pink and the lavender from top to bottom, and just put some of the silver in the front.


I feel like the grey came out really well! Next time I’ll probably want to use more of it. I kind of wish I’d put more of the purple towards the front, because the little I can see of it looks really nice with the pink, but since it’s all in the back I can barely see it. I thought the pink was way too bright, at first, but that means it probably won’t wash out in two washes like it normally does, and the more I look at it, the more I like it.



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