winding way home

Recently, I feel like I’ve found my way back to makeup in a way that’s been missing from my life for a while. There was a time where I’d experiment with my look all the time, and I loved it! For some reason, I just stopped doing it, but these past few weeks I have got back into it.

First of all, I shaved off half my eyebrows. I won’t post a picture! Just because it looks terrifying when I don’t have my brows drawn on, but when they are on, it’s so liberating! I can do whatever I want! I love it so much that I fully intend to shave the rest of them off as well, as soon as I can work up the nerve.

Secondly, I got back into buying makeup again. I know I already have loads of makeup, but I really do love getting more! And as long as you’re not buying something that’s too similar to what you already have, I don’t think it has to be an issue (I do, however, have this problem where I buy a lipstick and then I come home and I realise that I really do love it! So much that I already have two! The worst was when I bought a lipstick from a drug store brand, and got home only to realise I already had it, from a higher quality brand. Shame).


And thirdly, one of my goals in life came true! I was featured on Illamasqua’s Instagram (why, yes, I do have some lofty goals in life)! I was very pleased with myself – I’ve told shop attendants about this, and though I try to limit myself to makeup shops where they could be expected to know what I am talking about, most people don’t seem to understand the right reaction to have (pleased shock and awe).

IMG_3196   Actually, since this was posted the person who had stolen my Instagram URL has deleted, so my Instagram is now @unbornunicorn, as it was meant to be. You’re all welcome.

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