happy belated australia day!

After a long wait of three whole weeks (worst three weeks of my life I swear!) Pole divas finally opened up again last week so I can spin to my heart’s content! I thought last term had made me strong as a bear, and I’ve been trying to keep it up during the Christmas break, but I’m still finding muscle groups I just haven’t used ever. I’m sure I’ll get stronger pretty quickly but right now I’m just dumbfounded as to how I apparently use my back muscles for nothing.

I also had callouses before, but during the break they started peeling off. A good sign if I ever decide I need soft lady hands again, but since they actually have their uses I was sad to see them go. Now, I have to build them up again, and that means a few weeks of blistered hands:



It’s not pretty!



Yesterday the Captain and I went to see Frozen; yes, it’s exactly as good as everyone says! There were definitely some things I would have changed in terms of execution, but to be honest, kids probably wouldn’t know anything about foreshadowing anyway, and it’s primarily a children’s movie, right? It was really moving and beautiful even with the minor issues, anyway.