christmas deluxe!

This year, because I come from the deep north where we celebrate on the 24th (we’re impatient), and the Captain is from the balmy south where they have the time to wait for the 25th, we’re celebrating Christmas twice! We started today, with Swedish Christmas, and I feel like we’re off to a pretty good start.

My day actually started very well, with a parcel from my father that I had no idea was coming – I was well surprised! And very happy, of course. Happy enough that I prematurely opened all the presents, and only realised one of them was for the Captain when my dad asked me if she liked it. Oops! In my defense, I really had no idea that he would send her anything and I had no reason to expect it.


Disco Santa! The one thing I really wanted to do for Christmas here was go to the beach, since that’s one of those things you really can’t do in Sweden (or the UK, though I doubt I’d stay in London for Christmas unless I had an amazing reason). So I finally got my Christmas beach snap! I have been accused by several people of only wanting to go just to get a picture, which is so not true… but when I was there, what else would I do!?

On Christmas Day, the celebration continued with a wealth of Asian/Swedish Christmas food (somewhat eclectic mix of flavours), a walk in the botanical gardens, and a beautiful Christmas cake!


It was delicious, and it felt so good to be filled from the inside with that much Christmas spirit. The end.


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