online shopping woes

I rarely shop online, partly because I like trying things on and touching them before I decide, but mostly because I don’t like waiting for my items to arrive. If I’ve bought something, I want it nownownow! I swear, the day they invent teleportation, online shopping will have its second coming. I, for one, will never leave the house again!

However, last week I had to bite the bullet. I’ve been searching desperately for leg warmers in pastel colours (they help protect your legs when you’re doing aerial hoops – I swear I’m not going back to the 80’s). I don’t want any bright or neon colours because the only thing I like is black and pastel, and I have an aversion to buying things I don’t actually like. Pastel exercise gear is IMPOSSIBLE to find in stores anywhere, because apparently people who exercise are only interested in neon colours. Seriously, why do you have to look like your raver days are not far behind you just because you’d like to go to the gym?

Anyway, the only place I could find them was online, so I ordered some.


One other reason why I usually don’t like to shop online is because you might be waiting a week or two for your purchases, if you’re unlucky, and you won’t be able to tell if something’s wrong until you actually get them. I was burnt so severely on this a few years back – remember when Lita’s by Jeffrey Campbell were super popular? I got a pair like a year after the truly cool people got them, and I was insanely pleased with myself! For some reason I got brown ones, despite never wearing brown. I think I had this misguided idea that I was going to start wearing less black (this is a recurring idea that comes to me anew every few years. I don’t know why, since it never works).

So I ordered them from an American site and had to wait three weeks, so by the time I actually got them I couldn’t wait to try them on. I put the right one on first, and when I went to put the other one one, it seemed a bit wonky – wait, did I put the left shoe on my right foot? No, it looks fine, but the other one…


Panic! Despair! I was so genuinely upset I might have actually cried (I can’t remember but considering how easily I cry, I probably did). I thought I’d have to send them back and have a new pair shipped to me – bear in mind that I was a poor Uni student at the time, so shipping back and forth to America and tax AGAIN did not seem like an exciting prospect to me. What actually happened was that as soon as I sent an email to the site they fell all over themselves in an effort to correct their mistake, but the hours before I actually got their reply were no fun at all.

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