new (or old) hair

Before I moved to London in 2011, I had pink hair. I absolutely loved it and I was forever telling people that when it was unveiled I felt like I had finally found my natural hair colour. I think most people who have my mousy brown hair colour spend most of their lives dyeing it and trying to find something a bit more interesting, and I’d finally found the one!


Here with a sidecut (what, it was 2011) and some blue thrown in for flavour.

Of course, when I moved to London and had to get a job, I was concerned that prospective employers might not see it my way, so I dyed it dark red right before I moved. And I liked that too! It served me well for almost two years before I bleached it yellow and had to chop most of it off (I was never good at making good decisions for my hair). I felt a bit darker and more dangerous.


Especially with the villainous moustache.

But now it’s time to go back to basics and go au naturale again. You can only deny your roots for so long, after all.



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