birthday shenanigans

Last weekend was my birthday weekend! My actual birthday is November 3 (same as Anna Wintour, for the record!), which fell on a Sunday this year, so all weekend was devoted to parties and other fun stuff!

On Saturday, we went to a lesbian halloween party dressed up as slutty Aladdin and slutty Jasmine! It was alright, but kind of small. I feel like it was a good way to start the birthday weekend, at any rate. I don’t think I have any pictures of just me in my costume, but that’s okay –  my favourite was the one I wore on Monday, anyway. We didn’t win the costume contest even though we were obviously the best dressed! But the girl who won brought all her friends to cheer for her, so… I’m not bitter, I swear.

On my actual birthday, I had decided that I wanted to go rock climbing! I’ve never done it before, and I am absolutely terrified of heights. It seemed like a good way to live up to my motto and keep challenging myself! We went to Hardrock in the city, and it was absolutely amazing. I was so terrified! I was shaking, hyperventilating, almost crying, but to my everlasting pride, I managed to climb all the way up to the ceiling! I asked them how high it was, after, and they said it was 18 metres! I’ve been telling everyone I know about it (and even people who I don’t know, who strike up a conversation with me) just because I’m so proud of myself. Conquering my fears, birthday style!


To get our strength back, we went to Vegie Bar in Brunswick, and I don’t think I can fully express to you how amazing the food was. I had two types of daal with rice and roti, and I am basically drooling right now just thinking back to it. I wish I lived next door – I swear I’d be in there twice a day! For dessert I had an amazing dark chocolate cake which I couldn’t quite finish just because it was so rich, but I remember it fondly. And it was all vegan! I didn’t quite realise life could be this good, before.

To top it off, on Monday night we went to yet another lesbian halloween party, this time dressed as slutty Captain America and slutty Riddler. I was way more pleased with this costume! I found the party a bit better as well, so we went out with a bang.


Here’s an instagram shot of my makeup!

And here’s my full costume! I was also wearing slutty American flag shorts – not sure you can tell in this photo, but they looked awesome. I definitely feel like my birthday was celebrated properly and in style!