circus princess in the making

Last Sunday, I went to the open day I mentioned a few posts down, at Pole Divas in Richmond, and it has already pretty much taken over my life, even though the course I signed up for hasn’t even started yet!

I got there at a quarter to two, after faffing about trying to find the anonymous doorway for a few minutes (turns out that if I’d kept my eyes peeled for pink and black balloons, I would have been fine, but don’t catch me being observant or anything). I got to sign some papers saying that if I died they weren’t responsible, had a look at the stripper heels, and then we were off!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the hoops class – I’m very weak, seeing as any exercise I ever do tends to be all about my legs rather than my arms, so I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Turns out, I was wrong! Granted, I did get some help getting up into that hoop, but once I was up there, I felt like a regulation circus princess! I completely forgot how my poor muscles absolutely couldn’t take it just because it was so much fun. (And when I say they couldn’t take it, I really mean it – I could barely slice an apple when I got back home!)

After that, the pole dancing lesson just wasn’t up to par – it was fun, for sure, but I was already enamoured of the hoops, and you know how you get sometimes in the first throes of new love – nothing else even registers. So I signed up for hoops on the spot, and nearly cried when she told me classes wouldn’t actually start for another two weeks. I’ll just have to use this time to build up my strength a bit!

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So from the 29th onwards, I will have one thing only in my head. I only wish I could do it every single day!


NaNoWriMo 2013

Ever since 2007, I have (sporadically) done Nanowrimo: National novel writing month. You’re meant to write a novel of at least 50.000 words in November (even if it’s shit! Editing it is for when you’re actually done!), and if you manage that, you win! One of the things I’d really like to do during my year in Australia is start in on my dream of writing for a living and actually do something about it – you’ll never be an author if you don’t actually write, right? So my bad habit of procrastinating ends now.

When I say I’ve done NaNoWriMo in previous years, I mean not really to the fullest extent because I have never actually finished it. I’ll give myself a bronze star for participating – failure is the best way of working out what doesn’t work for you, after all! With that in mind I should know exactly what to so by now though, so this time I’m here to win.

One thing I’d like to do differently this year, for example, is that I’d like to go to some meetups for participants. I think that having someone cheer you on can definitely make a difference if you’re not used to actually writing all the time, so I am hoping that will help me stick to my goals. I also don’t really know anyone except the Captain here in Melbourne yet, so I am keen to get to know some people so that I can get out of her hair and let her do her own thing once in a while! The first one I can make is tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have loads to report after that. Here’s to a really productive November!