living space

Since I got to Melbourne I have been looking for somewhere for me and the Captain to live. Looking for flats both here and in the UK is such a weird experience for me – the Swedish way of doing it is so much more organised and you’d always go to a large agency – renting from an actual person is very rarely done. It’s not unusual to sign a contract for a flat three months in the future!

When I first got to London, I was terrified at the thought of going to someone’s house without any idea of who they were or if they were even entitled to rent out this property? If I remember correctly, I told everyone where I was going and that if I hadn’t called within an hour after, I was probably dead somewhere! Clearly it was fine in the end, but it was like a baptism of fire that first time.

This time, it was perfectly fine, and we’ve found a beautiful place only five minutes walk from the train station, just a few stops from the city centre! It’s actually a lot better than I dared hope for. I know that finding a place to live usually means compromising on everything you ever found important, but this time I managed to find something that fulfilled all the big ones at least!

What’s next is just looking at interior decorating porn and finding more storage (there’s only one wardrobe and I’m sure that even if I was living alone I’d need more storage space than that, let alone two of us). Browsing the IKEA website will never feel like a chore to me, though, so I am pretty pleased with how my life is turning out!

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