On Saturday, I had the most amazing day. I got to explore the city a bit more, and obviously because I’m so interested in flowers (???) I went to the botanical gardens! Joking aside I was quite keen to see what kinds of plants they actually have here, considering I go crazy every time I see aloe vera or palm trees growing in someone’s garden.


Gawgeous! I don’t know that it’s coming out all that well in this picture, but Melbourne in general reminds me a lot more of (how I imagine) the southern US states (not that I’ve ever been, so I am probably wrong) with a bit of South America thrown in for flavour (yup, never been there either).


I found a lady garden! Not that kind, unfortunately. I was well tired of walking around at this point, but apparently this particular part of the botanical gardens was dedicated to women who fought for their country, and clearly that’s the kind of thing you need to pay tribute to (preferrably not by making crass jokes about vaginas).

In the evening, Captain Z and I went to Red Bennies for a show that I won tickets to (I never win anything! You have no idea how exciting this was to me!). It was amazing! It had everything! Magic, cabaret and burlesque! My favourite part was this absolutely gorgeous woman who did two burlesque performances; for the first one, she started out dressed as a man, and for the second one she wore an absolutely amazing skirt that looked like fire sweeping around her, and matching fans. Seeing her perform really reignited (haha) my passion to do the same thing! As soon as we’ve moved to a place of our own, I will start seriously pursuing some kind of performance classes (either pole, burlesque or aerial – can’t quite decide yet).


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