Halfway across the world

I haven’t posted in ages! My excuse is that I’ve been back in Sweden, and stressing out massively about my move! But I’m in Melbourne now, everything went well and I am ready to start my new life!

SO my three weeks in Sweden were pretty great. I thought at first that three weeks might be a bit too much, but it turned out that I was not only wrong, but I could probably have easily done four. There’s just so much to do! But I do feel like I had time for everything, so I’m not bothered. It started out great, with my mum’s new and adorable dog:


How cute is he!? Ps the jeans I was wearing in this photo were my favourite until two weeks later, when I ripped them while trying to be acrobatic. FML of the highest order! I took care of this little dude when my brother and my mum were at work, so we kind of bonded. I’m pretty sure he’s wondering where I am right now. I kind of hope he remembers me when I come back in a year (ish) but I don’t think he will. That’s okay, little dude, I’ll remember you!


My grandfather has a house on an island in the archipelago, and I actually haven’t been for a good long while now, mostly because every time I’ve come home from London, I’ve felt like there’s no time for anything, and going out there wasn’t high on my priorities list. It’s really beautiful, though, and I’m so happy I went this time. This photo is actually from the highest point on the neighbouring island, but shhh.

I saw all my friends, did a bit of a tour of Sweden (because some of those friends can’t stay in one place either) and, in what might have been the highlight of my visit home, I had a surprise leaving do!

It was my mum’s birthday on the 31st of August (happy birthday again, mum!) and she kept telling me we were going to celebrate it in the Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg, which seemed like a nice idea. Only, when we actually got there, it turned out that it was only 10%her birthday party, and 90% my leaving do! She had asked all my relatives from both sides of the family to come, and we had some cheese and wine. I was so happy I got to see most of my relatives before I left, and very impressed that they actually managed to surprise me!

So with all that behind me, I am ready to start over again! I’ve been in Melbourne for about five days now (I think? The jet lag kind of messed up my day counter for a bit but it should be okay now) and I am frantically looking for a flat for me and Captain Z (because her landlord/flatmate is a massive dickhead… but that’s another story).



Here’s the first photo of me in Melbourne – yes, I am exactly as insanely happy as I look!


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