future pole dancing expert

I keep saying that as soon as we’ve moved into our new flat, I would start doing all the cool things that I always wanted to do. It’s easy to say for sure, but sometimes it’s not so easy to actually do! This time, it definitely will be, though.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for a while is take pole dancing classes, and I’ve been checking out Pole Divas. They have a lot of studios and offer both pole, hoops and silks (which, for those of you who are unaware, is that thing circus princesses do when they tangle themselves up in two massive scarfs and then fall all the way down to the floor, miraculously stopping just two inches above it. I’d be terrified but I’m super keen to try). The very best part is that in two weeks (that is one week after we’ve moved) they are holding an open day! How serendipitous. One of their locations is very close to our flat, so I’m going to go there and check it out! They have one studio in Richmond that is offering a hoops class, which I definitely need to check out as well. Hopefully by Sunday in two weeks I’ll know which classes are right for me, and I’ll be well on my way to becoming an expert in pole dancing!

living space

Since I got to Melbourne I have been looking for somewhere for me and the Captain to live. Looking for flats both here and in the UK is such a weird experience for me – the Swedish way of doing it is so much more organised and you’d always go to a large agency – renting from an actual person is very rarely done. It’s not unusual to sign a contract for a flat three months in the future!

When I first got to London, I was terrified at the thought of going to someone’s house without any idea of who they were or if they were even entitled to rent out this property? If I remember correctly, I told everyone where I was going and that if I hadn’t called within an hour after, I was probably dead somewhere! Clearly it was fine in the end, but it was like a baptism of fire that first time.

This time, it was perfectly fine, and we’ve found a beautiful place only five minutes walk from the train station, just a few stops from the city centre! It’s actually a lot better than I dared hope for. I know that finding a place to live usually means compromising on everything you ever found important, but this time I managed to find something that fulfilled all the big ones at least!

What’s next is just looking at interior decorating porn and finding more storage (there’s only one wardrobe and I’m sure that even if I was living alone I’d need more storage space than that, let alone two of us). Browsing the IKEA website will never feel like a chore to me, though, so I am pretty pleased with how my life is turning out!


On Saturday, I had the most amazing day. I got to explore the city a bit more, and obviously because I’m so interested in flowers (???) I went to the botanical gardens! Joking aside I was quite keen to see what kinds of plants they actually have here, considering I go crazy every time I see aloe vera or palm trees growing in someone’s garden.


Gawgeous! I don’t know that it’s coming out all that well in this picture, but Melbourne in general reminds me a lot more of (how I imagine) the southern US states (not that I’ve ever been, so I am probably wrong) with a bit of South America thrown in for flavour (yup, never been there either).


I found a lady garden! Not that kind, unfortunately. I was well tired of walking around at this point, but apparently this particular part of the botanical gardens was dedicated to women who fought for their country, and clearly that’s the kind of thing you need to pay tribute to (preferrably not by making crass jokes about vaginas).

In the evening, Captain Z and I went to Red Bennies for a show that I won tickets to (I never win anything! You have no idea how exciting this was to me!). It was amazing! It had everything! Magic, cabaret and burlesque! My favourite part was this absolutely gorgeous woman who did two burlesque performances; for the first one, she started out dressed as a man, and for the second one she wore an absolutely amazing skirt that looked like fire sweeping around her, and matching fans. Seeing her perform really reignited (haha) my passion to do the same thing! As soon as we’ve moved to a place of our own, I will start seriously pursuing some kind of performance classes (either pole, burlesque or aerial – can’t quite decide yet).

Halfway across the world

I haven’t posted in ages! My excuse is that I’ve been back in Sweden, and stressing out massively about my move! But I’m in Melbourne now, everything went well and I am ready to start my new life!

SO my three weeks in Sweden were pretty great. I thought at first that three weeks might be a bit too much, but it turned out that I was not only wrong, but I could probably have easily done four. There’s just so much to do! But I do feel like I had time for everything, so I’m not bothered. It started out great, with my mum’s new and adorable dog:


How cute is he!? Ps the jeans I was wearing in this photo were my favourite until two weeks later, when I ripped them while trying to be acrobatic. FML of the highest order! I took care of this little dude when my brother and my mum were at work, so we kind of bonded. I’m pretty sure he’s wondering where I am right now. I kind of hope he remembers me when I come back in a year (ish) but I don’t think he will. That’s okay, little dude, I’ll remember you!


My grandfather has a house on an island in the archipelago, and I actually haven’t been for a good long while now, mostly because every time I’ve come home from London, I’ve felt like there’s no time for anything, and going out there wasn’t high on my priorities list. It’s really beautiful, though, and I’m so happy I went this time. This photo is actually from the highest point on the neighbouring island, but shhh.

I saw all my friends, did a bit of a tour of Sweden (because some of those friends can’t stay in one place either) and, in what might have been the highlight of my visit home, I had a surprise leaving do!

It was my mum’s birthday on the 31st of August (happy birthday again, mum!) and she kept telling me we were going to celebrate it in the Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg, which seemed like a nice idea. Only, when we actually got there, it turned out that it was only 10%her birthday party, and 90% my leaving do! She had asked all my relatives from both sides of the family to come, and we had some cheese and wine. I was so happy I got to see most of my relatives before I left, and very impressed that they actually managed to surprise me!

So with all that behind me, I am ready to start over again! I’ve been in Melbourne for about five days now (I think? The jet lag kind of messed up my day counter for a bit but it should be okay now) and I am frantically looking for a flat for me and Captain Z (because her landlord/flatmate is a massive dickhead… but that’s another story).



Here’s the first photo of me in Melbourne – yes, I am exactly as insanely happy as I look!