Vegan week take one

A few days ago, I decided to go fully vegan for a week. I’ve been a vegetarian of varying levels of commitment for over ten years now, and ever since I started hanging out with more vegans a year and a half ago, I’ve slowly but surely made my way towards less and less animal products.

That said, vegan week was a massive fail.

I think partly it was because I didn’t research enough and only realised halfway through my meal that I might be eating egg noodles (I wasn’t), and partly because I’m not sure where to draw the line. Apparently, in most chain sushi places in the UK, they use mayonnaise on their gloves when preparing the sushi!? Does not knowing that make your meal non-vegan or are you excused on account of what the hell, who has ever heard anything so stupid before? (Like seriously. I am so put off. Even if I haven’t completely eliminated eggs from my diet the though of mayonnaise in my sushi makes me want to vomit.)

Obviously, that’s one of those questions everyone has to answer for themselves, but until I can decide what my answer is I don’t feel like I can fully commit. Because of that, I have a new goal; rather than going fully vegan for a week, I will choose vegan options when feasible (such as when I’m cooking for myself or buying groceries) and allow myself some leniency when it’s not (if I’m grabbing food on the go or going out with people who don’t appreciate veggie restaurants). One major benefit of that is I think I’ll be able to stick with it for longer than a week, as well!


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