I’m pretty sure Hagrid talked about this guy at some point

When my mum was here, she left me a book:

It’s about Ove, an old, angry man who tries to kill himself after the death of his wife, but instead gets roped into helping his neighbours get their lives straight. He starts off as the most unsympathetic kind of man I could imagine, and yet, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. To flesh out someone who we’ve all met and loathed into a fully realised character is very clever, and all the more effective for all that you thought he was annoying at first. That’s something that I hope I’ll be able to do one day!

I kind of want to recommend this book to everyone I know. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the people I know won’t be able to read it since as far as I know, it isn’t being translated to English. Rest assured that you are missing out, though!


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