Vegan mac and cheese

Today I made a food! I very rarely cook, because I’m lazy and it’s easier to buy ready made. But today I had a day off and no excuse not to do it, so I googled “quick easy vegan recipes” and went to work selecting which picture looked the most delicious. I must say that I was disappointed in how quick and easy most of the recipes were patently not, but I suppose if you’re trying to cook something delicious and nutritious on a somewhat restrictive diet, ease and quickness will have to take a back seat.

In the end, I had read enough mac and cheese recipes that I knew what I needed, but I couldn’t tell you which one I actually followed. Probably none of them too closely; I tend to cook quite haphazardly. Whenever I was young and asked my father how much of this or that you need in a particular dish, his answer was always “enough”. So now that’s my cooking philosophy! Put enough of everything in and cook it until it’s done.

So here is everything I used:


Cashew nuts
Soya milk (roughly 2/3 as much as  the cashews)
Splash of soy sauce
half a yellow pepper
nutritional yeast (maybe half a deciliter)

Put in a blender and blend until smooth. If it’s too thick, add more milk, if it’s not thick enough, add more cashews. In the meantime, cook pasta and put some broccoli in the pot during the last minute or so. Done! And absolutely delicious!


As someone who still eats cheese, I can tell you that this tastes nothing like cheese. It does kind of scratch that same itch, though, for a creamy sauce. This is just a way more nutty sauce with a slight tinge of cheese in the aftertaste, due to the nutritional yeast. I would also assume that if you don’t like nutritional yeast, you won’t like this, because it’s basically all it tastes of.

This sauce is very similar to a sauce from a video I posted recently, and I’ve made that sauce quite a lot of times. I would say that the soya milk made quite a big difference, so if you want a really fresh and light pasta sauce, cooking without soya milk is the best option, and if you want a creamy and filling one, cooking with it is the way to go. This is all very intuitive, really, but it’s always exciting learning new things!


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