Yesterday was the hottest day of the year in old London Town. It was absolutely amazing! I went to the park wearing this face:


I felt very cool. The top is from Forever21, which is apparently my spirit animal; one of the days I was out with my mum, two separate girls came up to me and asked where Forever21 was, despite the fact that I wasn’t carrying a bag from them or even wearing any of their clothes. Apparently I just fit their branding to a T!

After a lovely picnic in the park with a lasagna from 42 degrees raw (told you I’d go back immediately!), I went to work, where I was given this here lolly:


When I say “was given” I mean commandeered, but my personal policy is that if you are too drunk to realise that someone has taken your novelty item, you do not deserve it back. Applies especially to hats. I don’t particularly need it, but I suppose the next time I go out, I’ll bring it and pass it on to someone else. It’ll be like the sisterhood of the travelling lolly.


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