There can be only one

Today it’s one month exactly until I leave London! I’m so unbelievably excited. I need to plan everything I want to do and time is running out. I had a list, and I have actually managed to do most of it already – the Lion King was on there twice!

The things I have left to do are these: I’d like to go to a performance at the Globe theatre, I’d like to go see a gig in Camden, and I want to go to London Wonderground, which as far as I can tell is a cabaret fair on the south bank. I figure it shouldn’t be all too hard to get these three things done, but you never know – time flies at a ridiculous pace at times.

I also need to say goodbye to everyone I’ve met here, which will obviously be the saddest part. It is so overwhelming to try to plan something that sometimes I just kind of shut down and think to myself that I’ll do it tomorrow, but of course it is just as overwhelming tomorrow too. I’ve writtenΒ  a list, though; that usually helps.


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