The power of scent

I didn’t do a lot of shopping while my mum was here, even though there was a lot of running in and out of shops! The one thing I did get, though, was a bottle of Shalimar.


As the lovely lady at Guerlain told me, this is one of the oldest scents in the world, and you can definitely tell. When I wear it, I feel like a lovely vintage vixen who would never have something so mundane as a bedroom; I only occupy boudoirs. It makes me want to roll around in lingerie on a velvet bed and smoke from a cigarette holder (and I don’t even smoke!).

This is how I imagine New Orleans would smell in the summer, and it’s making me want to go. I want to get my tarot cards out and delve deep in the unknown – as you can see, it’s having quite the effect on me! It’s rare that a scent makes me want to live out my wildest dreams, but this one does. I feel like it is just the thing you need to bring out the deep passions and ambitions you have inside.

I started a playlist with music that awakes the same beast in me. I think scent and sounds are the most important to creating a mood – a scent brings instant associations, as does music. Armed with both, you’re invincible!


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